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An Indian wedding is a colourful and vibrant event. There are many ceremonies, lots of guests and amazing food that everyone loves. A wedding is a big affair in Indian society, and couples and their families plan a lavish gathering. There are some points you need to consider before hiring a wedding photographer. Just owning the latest camera and lenses doesn’t make someone a good photographer. A wedding photographer is someone who has a piece of good knowledge about getting the right pictures with a perfect background. A wedding is a big day in the life of a bride and the groom. If you are getting married or been recently proposed, you need to pick the best photographers. You need to follow your instincts and do your own research and check out a few photographers before hiring the best one. You shouldn’t compromise on the picture quality and look for a photographer who is approachable. He should know how to click Indian weddings and capture its essence. You should look for these qualities before finalizing a photographer for the big day. If you are specifically looking out for Sikh wedding photography and videography, make a note of these points. 

  1. Check their Portfolio

The first step into the procedure of looking for a photographer is to check their previous work. Check whether they have done any Sikh wedding photography and videography in the past. You can tell a lot from their portfolio. Not everyone specializes in wedding photography. You need to specifically ask them about the style of photography you are looking for and whether or not they have done it in the past. If they have done wildlife or product photography in the past, they are probably not aware of shooting a wedding. Only a rich and impressive wedding photography portfolio will be a relevant choice for you. Ask your friends who have hired a photographer and check with that photographer as well. 

  1. Knowledge about Wedding Photography

Someone who has got a good experience shooting wedding would know that it is not easy. You have to take care of a few things before actually getting the right pictures. A wedding photographer who is covering a Sikh wedding should make sure that they know how to capture the essence of Sikh weddings. It’s all about relationships, families, warm gatherings and lots of fun. If you are able to find someone who has covered such a wedding earlier, your search will get much easier. But, if you find someone who has no knowledge of capturing an Indian Sikh wedding, they might end up getting confused and miss out on the minute details at the wedding. 

  1. Should have Excellent Communicating Skills

Apart from technical knowledge and certification, a wedding photographer must be friendly and approachable. He should know how to get people to smile and take the right pictures. While covering a wedding, the photographer can’t be aloof and away from the crowd. He should be able to engage the guests and take some candid and traditional pictures. If the photographer is not patient, he won’t end up getting any good snaps of the wedding. He should be able to make your guests comfortable, make a rapport with the guests and be able to click some great pictures. He should also be able to make the groom and bride comfortable. When you are interviewing a photographer for the first time, you would know how good a speaker and communicator he is. You could ask some relevant questions as well to get to know the photographer better. 

  1. Should have the Latest Equipment

The least a wedding photographer could do is to buy the latest camera model and the best lenses that could capture wedding portraits and people. A photographer that uses old models and doesn’t invest in the latest ones is probably not serious about his work. You should be careful of hiring such photographers as they might not end up doing a good job and only waste your hard-earned money. A photographer’s best friend is his equipment and nothing else. When you meet the photographer for the first time, check with them first. Ask about the models they use and get an expert’s help to make a better decision.

To make your wedding day a big success, do your homework better and don’t be hesitant to ask questions. If you are not comfortable with a photographer, there’s no harm in politely refusing them. Check for everyone’s portfolio, ask for references, and ask them to show you the type of camera they use and whether or not they are friendly and approachable. Above all, they should be a people’s person and handle all ceremonies and guests very well. A photographer who is not confident should not be hired to do the job just because they are offering a lower price. 

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