At some point the blissful hype of a new engagement settles down, and the spouses-to-be are pulled back to the reality of wedding planning. A great deal of people who have been down the aisle themselves say that the planning process can be a stressful time that tests the relationship of any couple. After all, you will be planning months ahead for your big day, and there are lots of things to decide on and potential compromises in order to meet expectations.

Once you dive into wedding planning, it quickly becomes clear that the things you may have thought were simple decisions turn out to be much more complicated than you imagined. There are a lot of factors to consider, and you may end up dwelling on one thing more than others. This is why it’s important that you stick to a thorough, concrete plan that will guide every purchase decision you make along the way. Wedding planning heavily involves attention to detail, from the big things to the smallest factors. One of the things that engaged couples do not expect to be a problem is choosing a wedding photographer.

The Importance of choosing the right Wedding Photographer

You might not be able to believe just how easy it is for wedding photography to become an afterthought during the planning process. It’s so easy for this important detail to become eclipsed by the dress, the caterer, or even the venue. Before you make any final decisions in your wedding preparations, it is vital that you realise just how important getting a good documentation team for your big day is.

Your wedding photographs will be the perfect keepsake of your wedding celebration. Apart from the dress and any gifts that you may be bringing home, looking at wedding videos and photographs is the perfect way to remember your day of celebration. You will be able to see the whole day, step by step. From the exciting morning preparations, right down to the dance floor at the reception. It will help you remember the whole story, and evoke the happiness you felt on that day. Time goes by so fast, and photographs are a tangible reminder of the beginning of your new life as husband and wife.

You will also be able to catch all the moments you may have missed when you were immersed in the ceremonies, or maybe even champagne. Of course, a wedding features little moments of happiness that you will not always be able to see. If you are able to hire a good and reliable documentation team, you will have the chance to experience your wedding through your guests’ eyes too!

As you are busy running around greeting guests and partaking in celebrations, you might be too busy to go around the room to check out what is happening at every corner. This is why capturing the precious, little moments in between is important as you look back on the celebration that was. From video recaps of your wedding, to snapshots, there will definately be bursts of happiness captured! You and your spouse-to-be may even want a certain look to your photos, enhancing your personal celebrations and of course culture and traditions. Royal Binidi specialise in Asian wedding photography, please reach out for a discussion on your needs. 

Don’t forget, your wedding is an emotional journey that signifies the start of your life as a married couple. By hiring a wedding photographer, you will be able to immortalise the big day through heart-warming, and emotional shots that will help you rekindle a day of happiness. 

Hiring a Wedding Photographer

For a lot of couples, hiring a wedding photographer is one of the easier tasks that can be finalised in the early stages of the planning process. It strikes the perfect balance between being big and important enough to pay attention to, as well as relatively easy enough to decide on compared to other tasks. 

Figuring out your wedding photographer becomes even more important and urgent if you want to shoot engagement or pre-nuptial photos. Some Asian weddings even take photos with family members before the actual celebration, so that is something that you may want to consider as well. This all boils down to locking in your wedding photographer at the perfect time.

Timing is not the only thing you need to keep in mind, however. There are also a lot of other things that you need to check out for once you start canvassing potential photographers! To help smart couples like you make the right choice, we have collated our top considerations that will help you land the wedding photographer of your dreams!

1.Figure out your wedding theme or style.

Your wedding theme relies mostly on your personality as a couple. You can base it on a shared interest, how you met, or even any similar cultures or religions that you two have. Just because we attached the word theme does not mean you have to lay out a perfect Pinterest-inspired one! You just need to have a core idea or vision that your photographer can work with.

It is important that you decide whether you want a vibrant, youthful look to your photos, or you may prefer one that is heavy on tones and emotional angles. One classic theme that has been making a reappearance as well is film photography! Whatever style you opt for, we recommend that you go with a photographer that is happy to discuss your needs and has experience in the style you require. 

As we work specifically with Asian wedding couples, we also know how important it is that your photographer understands your traditions and cultural requirements. Make sure when choosing a photographer you select someone that has experience in capturing these elements of your wedding and someone who will be comfortable dealing with friends and family and capturing the right shots!

pick a photographer that is comfortable working for the shots you prefer

2. Think about your venue.

One thing that some photographers often struggle with is lighting. While most people would prefer natural light, not all venues can cater to such. This is why it is important that you think about what kind of lighting you will be able to get at your wedding venue, and whether your photography team can handle the abundance or lack of light.

If you booked an enclosed room with hardly any windows, it only makes sense that you reach out to photographers who know their way around artificial light. Of course, your photographer should be adaptable enough to be able to take photos in any situation. However, you wouldn’t want to risk having bad photos just because you did not verify if your photographer was comfortable in such conditions!

An expert tip is that you should browse your photographer’s portfolio thoroughly. From there, you can look for photos that he or she took in a place that will provide virtually the same amount of lighting as your wedding venue! If their photos from there turned out great, then it looks like a good fit. 

3. Prepare your budget before you pick your photographers.

While you do not need to know exactly how much you should reserve for your photography team’s fees, it is essential that you set a range for yourself. Of course, it happens all too often that a couple falls in love with a certain photographer to the point where they won’t mind shelling out more than they had initially planned. This could set off a butterfly effect which may see you going over your budget and making ends meet on other important details of the wedding.

It is best if you can make a shortlist of the photographers you are interested in, make a pros and cons list along with the rates for each. Also take note of who you feel most comfortable with as this will really benefit you on the big day when organising and planning the best shots. From this, you will be able to figure out which team can give you the results you want at a price that fits your budget!


Discuss suitable budgets with your ph

4. Set a date to meet your potential photographers.

There is nothing quite like personal interaction and conversation to help you get a feel of a person. The same goes with talent and skill as well, as meeting your potential wedding photographer may just give you the final nudge you need to book them.

You need to look for a photographer who sees your vision, and knows how to execute it well. Rather than being blinded by flowery words and tall promises, it is important that the person you entrust your big day with can envision your style and is skilled. 

We recommend that you prepare a list of questions beforehand. Ask them about their style, their background, package inclusions, and any other details that you may deem to be important. You should get all your questions out of the way, and discuss the fine print of the photography package before you sign any deals.

Apart from getting to know the technicalities and nitty-gritty of the photographer’s business, you should also ensure you can achieve a great professional relationship with them. Often, it can become a problem if you just don’t click with your documentation team. 

Before you strike any deals with wedding photographers, keep this article in mind! It is important that you realise just how much finding the right documentation team matters, and why you need to take your time with your choice. After all, photos are the perfect way to keep your wedding day eternal.

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