Hindu Wedding Couple

When it comes to weddings, Hindu weddings are spectacularly beautiful and are one of the most amazing things that you could experience. They are packed with cultural events that are spread over a number of days while the clothing, colours and vibrancy are mesmerising. What’s more, it is also interesting to note that Hindu traditions have, in fact, seamlessly blended in with Indian culture. As a result, those who do not practice Hinduism still call on the many traditions during big events like weddings.

Therefore, this post will provide you with everything that you need to consider when arranging a photographer for your wedding. It will also touch upon anything you might want to ask your photographer and how to get the most from your photographer. After all, this is the biggest day of your life and you are going to want to bring it to life by making use of a Hindu wedding photographer and their services.

Hindu Wedding Couple

What You Should Consider

Do You Want Planned Shots or Candid Shots?

Every couple has a different set of ideas when it comes to photographing their wedding. What is important is that you get exactly what you want from your Hindu wedding photography package. Your photographer will be happy to follow your requirements but you might want planned shots, candid shots or a mixture of the two. As a result, it is worth sitting down with your photographer and talking through your desires with them.

The wedding is a big event and everyone wants to see the happy couple. What this means is that the window of opportunity is short when it comes to planned shots. So, ensuring that the planned shots are in place before the wedding begins will ensure that you and your Hindu wedding photographer understand what is happening.

Do You Need a Co-ordinator?

A Hindu wedding is a big affair and naturally, you will want your photographer to capture every moment. However, even small weddings can have hundreds of guests and that can make it difficult for the photographer to get people together. With guests who are keen to get close to you, you are going to need the help of a co-ordinator and who better than a family member?

A family member will have the ability to get the necessary people ready for each shot. Along with this, they will also understand how to handle all family members – something which can prove a challenge for a busy photographer!

Inform them of the Wedding Process

The truly amazing thing about a Hindu wedding is that they are all completely different in their own way. Therefore, you should make sure that your Asian wedding photographer is fully aware of what is happening and what to expect. In Hindu weddings, the photographer is expected to capture a specific moment and if they are unaware of when they are going to take place, then they could miss them.

What About a Second Photographer?

A grand affair such as a Hindu wedding will need every special moment to be captured but that is not possible if you only have one photographer. There might be great candid moments that the photographer can capture yet they could miss them because they are elsewhere. If you want to get the most from your important day then it can help to put a second photographer in place. Getting every shot right will mean that you use the right Hindu wedding photography service.

Think About Your Family Photo

Any wedding day is special, especially when it is shared with the family. However, Hindu weddings are often big affairs and that means that almost every family member is going to want to be in the family photograph. As great as this sounds, the chances are that it might not be possible, especially with large numbers of people present. Therefore, it is worth speaking with your Hindu wedding photographer so you can inform them of what you want. You will also need to consider who you want in your photograph and inform your helpful family member of this also.

What About the Lighting?

Lighting is everything when it comes to Indian wedding photography UK. Therefore, you might want to discuss your venue with your photographer to make sure they know what the venue has in terms of light. Traditionally, Hindu weddings are done using warm incandescent lights and that can prove a challenge for photographers.

So, your photographer will need to carry spare lights and they will also need to know where you plan to have your photos taken throughout the day.

Let the Photographer Do Their Thing

Hindu weddings are like a massive carnival and there is a lot of fun and excitement to be had. Therefore, trust in your photographer to make the most of these great opportunities. You have put a helping in hand in place for them, in the form of a family member to help co-ordinate shots while you have gone through your wish list. Therefore, armed with their equipment and experience, you can be sure that they will capture every moment and every shot in a way that will make you happy.

Hindu Wedding Bride

Hindu Wedding – Important Events and Ceremonies

Hindu weddings are different in the sense that they are not just about one day. There is the pre-wedding ceremony or event to think about as well as the wedding day itself and so, these events are worth considering:


Mehndi – This is the process of getting ready for the wedding and it begins with painting the hands and feet of the bride using henna artwork and intricate design.

Sangeet – This involves an evening of music and lots of entertainment that involves friends and family. It can take many forms that can range from a traditional night right through to a party.

The Wedding

Barat- The groom is dressed up in all the finery and transported to the wedding venue in a very elaborate and beautifully decorated procession. The procession can be anything from a horse to a vehicle. The procession will include the family of the groom and here you can expect people to be dancing with a live band as the procession moves along, providing a great opportunity for photographs.

Var Mala – On a stage, known as Mandap, the bride and groom will exchange garlands of flowers that are packed with colour.

Pheras – In front of the holy fire, the bride and groom will exchange vows before moving around the fire several times while holding hands.

Mangal -Sutra – As a mark of marriage, the groom will tie a golden locket or thread around the neck of the bride. In some cases, this is the Indian equivalent of a ring and so, once again, this is a great time to take photographs.

Kanya Daan- During this ceremony, the family of the Bride will have over their daughter to the family of the groom. This is a symbolic ceremony whereby the first family will be involved.

Bidaai – This is another symbolic ritual whereby the bride will leave her parents and accompany her husband on the journey to his house. This is commonly an event that is filled with emotion.

Hindu Wedding Bride

Why Wedding Photography Is So Important

Hindu weddings are stunning, elaborate and beautiful while being enriched with rituals, traditions and ceremonies. The great thing about them is that every one is different. They can last for several days depending on the type of ceremony such as Mehndi, Haldi, Baaraat or Bidaai to name a few. Packed with vibrant colours and accessories, they are rich and full of life, creating memories that can be cherished forever. However, with every wedding being different, you need to make sure that you choose a wedding photographer that knows exactly what a Hindu wedding is all about. Familiarity is key as that will enable them to get the Indian wedding photography London right.

Of course, each wedding is different but they still follow the same sort of trends overall and this should excite the best Asian wedding photographers UK because it offers variety and the chance for them to showcase their skills, experience and ability. They can take inspiration from previous shoots, gain new ideas and capture every moment in detail.

The Ceremony – Capturing it in all its Glory

All wedding days are about the Bride and Groom and a Hindu wedding is no different. It is a time where two families come together and so, many wedding photographs will look at the people as a subject but Hindu weddings are not just about the beauty of two people getting married. The ceremony is beautiful in its own right and the rituals that come with it really make the wedding what it is. Therefore, an increasing trend is to focus on the rituals and the different elements that make up the wedding itself. Whether it is the Chandlo Maatli or the Saat Phera, all of the rituals paint a picture and tell a story of the biggest day of a couple’s life. As a result, it is important to focus on the ceremony in the same way as we focus on the bride and groom.

Celebrating the Symbolism

Symbolism underpins the importance of tradition and the ceremony itself. Symbolism is at the very heart of a Hindu wedding. Little symbolic moments such as the Chandlo Maatli which is the act whereby the father of the bride puts vermillion on the forehead of the groom. This is an act that is full to the brim with emotion. It is these symbolic moments that have to be captured in order to create and capture the moment in all its glory.

Vivid Colour and Glamour

There is no avoiding the injection of colour seen at every Hindu wedding. The array of colours are captivating and they bring the event to life which is why it is important to capture this in the right way. When all of the colour and glamour are caught by the camera, it will showcase the magic and the wonder of such a special moment. This means that the colours and vibrancy of the day can be embraced by the happy couple year after year.

Ensuring Photography Remains Organised

Organisation is vital to a successful day when it comes to photography. Therefore, you should give your photographer a list of people who should be included when it comes to family photographs. This can be done by giving the list to the person who you have designated as the helping hand on the day.

Of course, there are two families which can make things even more difficult. Therefore, you might want to think about having two people, one from each family, to help you get people together. This will keep everything streamlined and simple while it will save time, making sure your photographer isn’t rushing to get things done.

You are going to want to make sure that the Mandap is clear of any debris. So, get someone to have a quick clear-up as this will ensure your photos look their best and it will save time too.

It is also important to make sure that you tell people to stay away from the stage when it comes to taking photos. Your photographer will move around and try using different angles which means that you don’t want people in your shot. So, tell them to move away from the stage as much as possible.

Be firm when it comes to making decisions as this is key to ensuring you get the very best photos. After all, you are paying your photographer to capture your special day and so, you are going to want it

When the time comes for photographs and such, give your other guests, the ones you don’t want in your photographs head into another room. Ideally, you want them to vacate the area so they don’t stand around chatting, getting in the way or making noise. Of course, everyone is going to want to see the bride but now is the time to get your photographs spot on.

At Hindu weddings, it is often common for family members to give gifts and thank the bride at the family photo session. As loving and thoughtful as this might be, it is something that can add a lot of time to the entire process. Therefore, ask someone to stand nearby with a basket and ask them to collect the gifts for you. You can also ask them to thank your guests on your behalf. This way, you get to speed up the process, ensure you take great photographs but save yourself a lot of hassle.

Finally, you are going to need to have a lot of patience and because you are going to be told to move around, hold certain positions and deal with the families at the same time. As the bride and groom, you are the ones who are the centre of attention and more than anything, you deserve the very best images of your special day.

Hindu Wedding Bride

Things to Consider When Picking a Photographer


While all photographers will share the same skill of being able to capture great shots, many will also have different views when it comes to the style. Some might be better at capturing candid shots while others might be better at capturing staged shots.

Therefore, when you find a photographer, you should take a look at their portfolio in order to get a feel for what they do best. You can also ask them what they are good at and what they prefer shooting as their honest answer will ensure they offer exactly what they say they will while you will get the shots you want.

The truth is, your wedding day will be one of the biggest days of your life and that means that you will want to capture every moment. Your photographer will also only have one chance to do this and that means that you have to get it right.

They Are Friendly

Even though it is their job, you are going to want an Asian wedding photographer London who is approachable and comfortable to be around. After all, you are going to need a photographer who has the ability to work with you and your guests. Therefore, you are going to need someone who is friendly and is comfortable to be around.

Of course, you might have had reviews and recommendations from others which are important but that is just the start. You need to make sure that you meet your photographer and get to know them. After all, you will need to put your trust in this person and you will need to make sure that they are right for you. They are capturing the most special moments of your life and that means that you need someone who is understanding, approachable and friendly with it.

They Are Good Communicators

The chances are, you have found a photographer who has a lot of experience. This counts for a lot and although they might be good at what they do, they still might want to take control of your shots and that is not how it should be. Any photographer will understand completely what you want and they should be happy to go along with that. So, they should be great communicators and listeners.

When you chat with them, you should tell them what you want and they should tell you what they think and what they can offer. They might make suggestions that work for you, they might come up with ideas and they will gain an understanding of what you want just by chatting to you. You might want certain moments captured and you might want certain people in certain shots. Therefore, you should make it known to them but also respect the advice and guidance that they offer to you.


Photography is a highly skilled profession and so, you are going to need to understand that you have to pay for a respectable service. However, what do you want as part of the price? Perhaps the price they offer covers all manner of functions when all you want is for them to focus on one element of your wedding instead of it all. As a result, you need to make sure that you discuss the price of photography and what you are getting as part of the package.

You don’t want problems to arise on the day because you expected certain photos while the photographer is claiming that you didn’t ask for them.

So, consider your budget, speak with your photographer and ask what that will include if you choose to use their service. Perhaps your photographer will be willing to create a tailored package that works for your needs.

This is a vital part of your wedding day and something that you have to get right. If you fail to get it right then the memories of your big day could be lost forever.

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