A wedding is the most important day for the couple. They have planned for months to get their dream wedding together and without good photography, their entire preparations may go waste. The wedding will get over in a day but what will remain is the photographs and videos. So, along with a good photographer, you have to play the role of a wedding videographer too.

Your first target should be to shoot high-quality pictures and videos in a way that is timeless. The pictures should be such that even after twenty years from now, they look fresh and clear. For that, you may consider the following tips.

  1. Getting To Know The Couple

You should first meet the couple to know about their likes, dislikes, cultures, traditions, tentative wedding plans, preferences, etc. An Indian wedding generally happens at night and you may want to ask about the wedding functions and traditions so that you are better prepared. Ask the couple about what they want and make sure they feel comfortable around you. You may be asked to cover their pre- or post-wedding shoot too.

  1. Research And Plan

After knowing what the couple wants, what would be the traditions in the wedding, and what kind of shoot you will have to do, research. Look online for new ideas, ways to cover cultural weddings, tips, etc. Then, plan the couple’s shoots too. Right from the locations to the poses, you would suggest, you may have to plan everything.

Depending on the couple and their choice, your plans and ideas will vary. For example, if a couple wants a fun photoshoot, including balloons, cycles, casual clothing, etc. would be a good idea. If the couple wants a dramatic photoshoot, you will have to plan and arrange props for an elaborate and luxurious setting. The couple would also have to dress up accordingly.

  1. Capture The Firsts

Capturing the right moments is crucial because in those pictures, the expressions of the couple are genuine and, thus, the pictures look magical. You may want the wedding videographer to cover those moments too. The first moment the groom gets to see his bride and vice versa is going to the star shots. You may even want to capture the moment when the bride’s parents look at her for the first time in her complete bridal look. Then, the couple’s first dance is going to be your canvas. With every dance move, you can shoot a memorable picture.

The first bite of cake, ring ceremony, and the first kiss are some of the moments you must capture. And if you have not talked to the couple about their tentative wedding plans beforehand, you may miss these shots.

  1. Hunt The Smiles

As a photographer, you will have to cover the audience too. The best way to click pictures of the audience is to capture their smiles and laughs. Photogenic kids laughing, playing around, and amusing adults are outstanding shots. Apart from that, if you capture such moments, the overall result would be lively, happy photography.

These moments have to be hunted for because they are not planned and capturing them candidly makes them the most impeccable ones. When the couple would look at the pictures, these pictures would make them grin happily.

  1. Include Friends And Family

Just covering the couple is not enough. You have to bring in the couple’s friends and family as well. Taking group pictures where everyone looks happy would be a great idea if you want to save time. Taking a few group pictures is a lot easier than shooting individual pictures.

Also, remember to check whether everyone is in the frame and smiling or not. Then, you can ask the groom’s friends, family as well as the family and friends of the bride to come forward and pose for the picture. When you are capturing the couple with their friends, try to be innovative and ask them to pose funny.

Lastly, do not forget to click the pictures of the close family members and friends of the couple. You should know before the wedding who these people are so that they are present in the pictures.

  1. Use Props

A wedding has numerous decorative pieces that may serve as striking props. If the couple is in for creative shots and candid photography, you can involve props and come out with lively, fun pictures. Even during the pre- or post-wedding shoots, props can help increase drama and other elements in the photographs. If you arrive at the wedding venue before time, you would be able to pick the right spots and find interesting props for photography.

  1. Play With Lighting

In the case of an outdoor, day wedding, natural light is sufficient for taking extraordinary and high-quality shots. In the night wedding, external lights have to be used but you can use the lighting differently to create varying lighting effects.

The Bottom Line

You may have several ideas for the photography project but going as per the directions of the couple is crucial. If the couple leaves the photography part to you, feel free to explore and click mesmerising images.