Very few occasions have as many emotions, good looking food items, vibrant colours, and colourful attire. With Asians being present in several parts of the globe, these weddings are regularly being organized in various cities of the world. The best way to recall any such occasion is through the lens of a reputed London wedding photographer. All weddings comprise of interesting stories, which are built by stitching many photographs and voiceovers together. Pictures and videos help remember weddings for a lifetime.

Wedding Seasons

A wedding is clearly the most important event for any individual, whether bride or groom. On this day, guests are able to see the results of efforts being put in over several weeks and months, sometimes even years. As per the Hindu calendar, weddings are considered auspicious at certain times of the year, and these are the times when several weddings are organized. It may get hard to get photographers at this time, which us why it is important to book a London wedding photographer several months in advance.

For any photographer, the wedding season such as the one during winter in November every year, gets really busy. Sometimes photographers and videographers are able to make up for whatever losses that may have incurred throughout the year. Since London is home to a sizable Indian community, there is no doubt that various wedding functions will invariably be organized here. 

Opportunities for Clicks

There are numerous opportunities at special occasions such as weddings and its related events to take good quality photographs and videos. Here are a few examples:

1) Bride and bridegroom arrivals

2) Bride and bridegroom stepping on elevated stages together 

3) Group photos of family and friends on the stage

4) Different elements of decoration at the venue

5) Various religious ceremonies

6) Food Photography

One of the main reasons to outsource the jobs of taking photos and videos to professionals is to ensure that close friends and family members do not have to worry about the clicks. With the job given to well known professionals, members of families or friend circles can participate in a stress free manner. 

Various kinds of marriage-related events are organized before or after the main event. Most of these events are formal in nature, but many of them involve a lot of fun and frolic. For example, the ring game that allows both bride and groom to fish out their respective rings from a bowl with milk and coloured water. The fun, coupled with the beautiful colours all around, make for wonderful photographs. 

Inspiration from the Silver Screen

Not just Indians, but all Asians are influenced by Bollywood in one way or the other. This is because elaborate weddings are part of several movies here, enabling the industry to govern several wedding fashion trends. Several brides and grooms are interested to make poses in accordance with these films, many of which can be seen during pre-wedding shoots. Some of the poses by Bollywood celebrities during weddings have become iconic, and can be captured well on lenses.  

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