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Best occasions to share your wedding montage with the gathering

4 Best Occasions to Share Your Wedding Montage With the Gathering

Love the idea of a video montage during your wedding, but don’t know when is the right time to play it. Here are five ways Sikh wedding videography can benefit from it.

What is a video montage?

For all those new to this trending idea, let us give you a quick brief on the topic of video montage. Well, a video montage is a short clipping with a duration of 60 to 90 seconds. It comprises a collection of tiny videos and photographs edited along with a background sound. A montage can also act as a dramatic scene recorded before the wedding, just like a movie trailer.

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When is the best time to play a montage?

Montage can be played on various occasions for all the family members to enjoy the Sikh wedding videography together. Make sure to select the correct event according to the audience’s mood and what will be going on at that moment.

When is the best time to play a montage

Before the Ring Ceremony

Suppose you are looking for something to replace the silence while the guests enter the venue. It’s best to play a montage with some light music. Add a video that is a little larger than a montage because your guests certainly won’t arrive in the time duration of 60 to 90 seconds. If you think the information in that video requires everyone’s attention, consider playing it on another occasion.

Ring ceremony photography

At the Wedding

Everyone is in a joyous mood and feeling to celebrate the wedding, a lot of people don’t believe that this happened and they would love to see how! Very few of them will show interest in watching a whole movie for two hours so, offering them a small

trailer will serve best at the wedding. Try to show them a small montage when the phrases are done, and you all are having a fun time with your relatives. You can also add up a few performances after that, and we are sure it will enlighten the mood of your guests even more.

At the wedding photography

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During an Emotional Speech

A friend or family member who loves the two of you way too much and wants to show a few memories from the past during their speech. Well, the perfect time to play a small montage and show everyone how much you love each other. We are sure that the video took a lot of time and hard work, and everyone deserves to see it, right?

Emotional speech photography

At the Reception

This is another venue where you get the chance to deliver what you want to say through photos and videos. You can also ask the videographer to combine a small part of the entire occasion and make a small video just like a treasure for the reception. We are sure that those who didn’t get time to show up will get to know how much fun they missed. Don’t forget to put it on YouTube next, and we are sure the lucky couple will get famous after this.

At the reception photography

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