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Sikh Wedding Photography and Videography in London

Sikh Wedding Photography and Videography London UK

At Royal Bindi, we specialise in Sikh wedding photography, artfully capturing the intricate blend of tradition, spirituality, and joyous celebrations that define these special moments known as Anand Karaj. Our commitment is to freeze the essence of your unique day through our lens, covering pre-wedding rituals, the groom’s arrival, the ceremony, and post-wedding celebrations.

Operating in diverse locations, including London, Birmingham, and Leicester, our services transcend mere documentation. We intricately weave a visual narrative, ensuring each Sikh wedding becomes an everlasting masterpiece embodying profound love, cultural richness, and the sacred beauty of Sikh wedding traditions.

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Why Choose Our Sikh Wedding Photographers?

Sikh Wedding
Photography Experts

We take pride in having the latest styles and techniques, and we know Sikh customs and rituals. Trust us to bring your wedding day to life with our modern Sikh wedding photography.

Cinematic Wedding

Transform your wedding memories into cinematic art. Our cinematographers expertly blend the emotions of your special day, crafting a captivating film that rivals blockbuster movies.

Latest Technology

Capture breathtaking aerial shots and panoramic perspectives that add a stunning dimension to your footage. Our skilled drone pilots will leave you and your loved ones in awe with mesmerising visuals.

Our Sikh Wedding Photography Service Includes

Our Sikh Wedding Photography Services

  • Pre-Wedding Photography: Anticipate your special day with joyous moments.
  • Anand Karaj Ceremony Coverage: Capture the sacred union with expertise.
  • Reception Photography: Document the joy and festivity of your celebration.
  • Mehendi and Sangeet Highlights: Preserve the vibrant colours and lively atmosphere of these pre-wedding festivities.
  • Bridal Portraits: Showcase the elegance and grace of the bride in a dedicated portrait session.
  • Candid Moments Collection: Capture the genuine emotions and spontaneous interactions that make your wedding day unique.
Our Sikh Wedding Photography Service Includes


Exceptional communication and customer service at Royal Bindi. Talented team capturing every precious moment. Cinematic brilliance in the final output. Flexibility and adaptability on the wedding day. Worth every penny for a regal experience! Highly recommend!

Taranjit & Imun

Taranjit & Imun

Royal Bindi exceeded our expectations with its exceptional professionalism and creativity. They truly understood our vision and captured our love story beautifully. The attention to detail and cinematic storytelling in our wedding videos and photos brought tears to our eyes. They preserved precious moments we did not even realize were happening. We are forever grateful for the memories they created for us.

Neha & Harpy

Neha & Harpy

Choosing Royal Bindi was the best decision we made for our wedding photography and videography. Their team’s professionalism, flexibility, and positive energy made the entire process enjoyable. They seamlessly integrated with our wedding day, capturing both the big moments and the subtle details. We highly recommend Royalbindi for their exceptional work and commitment to excellence.

Jyoti & Sandeep

Jyoti & Sandeep

Royal Bindi exceeded my expectations with their wedding videography. Their professionalism and passion shone through in every frame. The final film beautifully captured the essence of our love story, and I am grateful for the cherished memories they preserved. Highly recommend their exceptional services!

Baljinder & Ravinder

Baljinder & Ravinder

The team at Royal Bindi made us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. They were able to capture our personalities and the love between us in the most genuine way.

Ricky & Navneet

Ricky & Navneet

The attention to detail and the ability to capture the essence of our cultural traditions were commendable. Royal Bindi truly understands the importance of preserving cultural heritage through their work.

Satwinder & Inderjeet

Satwinder & Inderjeet

I recently had the pleasure of working with Royal Bindi, and I must say they exceeded all my expectations. Their professionalism and attention to detail were remarkable.

Ash & Aman

Ash & Aman

Royal Bindi exceeded my expectations for my wedding photography. Their team was professional and attentive, capturing every precious moment with an artistic touch. The stunning photographs beautifully conveyed the emotions and essence of our special day. I highly recommend Royalbindi for their passion, talent, and exceptional service.

Anita & Kamalpreet

Anita & Kamalpreet

Capturing Your Heritage, Your Way: Sikh Love Story Photography Styles

At Royal Bindi, we are the architects of your love story, offering a diverse array of Sikh wedding photography styles.

Our classic, traditional photography preserves the timeless beauty and cultural richness of your Sikh wedding.

Through candid moments, our lens authentically chronicles your love story with a journalistic touch, capturing genuine emotions as they unfold.

Our fusion style seamlessly intertwines modern aesthetics with cultural richness for visually striking images.

Using cinematic techniques, we weave your wedding moments into a captivating visual narrative, like scenes from a mesmerizing film.

Our artistry creates visually stunning compositions, capturing the captivating emotions of your wedding moments.

Our photography, using natural surroundings, reveals the organic beauty of your Sikh wedding, creating effortlessly elegant and timeless images.

Our reportage style ensures a narrative-driven approach, capturing the essence of your day with genuine and heartfelt storytelling.

Capturing romantic moments, we create intimate portraits that showcase your profound love and connection.

With an editorial touch, we curate captivating images, transforming your wedding moments into a visual masterpiece.

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Our Approach to Sikh Wedding Photography Service at Royal Bindi

At Royal Bindi Photography, our commitment goes beyond merely documenting your Sikh wedding – we strive to encapsulate the true essence of each sacred ceremony. Through candid and traditional shots, we encapsulate the elegance of the bride’s attire, the majestic grandeur of the Gurdwara, and the vibrant festivities that accompany the Lavish Langar. Here’s how we expertly photograph the distinct Sikh wedding ceremonies, each with its significance and beauty:

The heart of Sikh weddings, Anand Karaj, is a ceremony filled with love and spiritual significance. We approach Anand Karaj with a reverence that captures the solemnity and grace of the union. Our photographers skilfully document sacred rituals, from the Laavaan to the exchanging of vows, ensuring that every moment is preserved with authenticity and respect.

The Mehendi ceremony is a riot of colours and joy, and we aim to reflect this vibrancy in our photographs. From intricate henna designs to candid shots of laughter and camaraderie, we capture the essence of this pre-wedding celebration with a keen eye for detail and a focus on the dynamic energy that fills the air.

The Sangeet ceremony is a celebration of music, dance, and familial bonds. Our photographers embrace the lively atmosphere, skilfully capturing the rhythmic movements and heartfelt performances. Whether it’s the joyous beats of the dhol or the expressive dance moves, we ensure that the exuberance of the Sangeet is immortalised in our photographs.

The Haldi ceremony is a time-honoured tradition filled with symbolism and joy. Our photographers expertly navigate the sea of golden hues, capturing the playful moments of applying turmeric paste while preserving the raw emotions and laughter that make this pre-wedding ritual truly special.

The Vidaai ceremony marks the emotional departure of the bride from her parental home. We approach this poignant moment with sensitivity, capturing the tears, hugs, and embraces that define the bittersweet farewell. Our photographs aim to convey the depth of emotions during this transitional phase, preserving the memories of love and connection.

Approach to Sikh Wedding Photography Service

Experience Exceptional Sikh Wedding Photography Services with Royal Bindi.

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Packages and Pricing for Our Sikh Wedding Photography in UK

Our Sikh wedding photography packages typically depend on the number of photographers, videographers, event coverage time and deliverables. For instance, with a package including 1 videographer and 1 photographer, you can expect a range of £1,400 to £1,600 for coverage of up to 6 hours. Our comprehensive package includes services like cinematic film production, a theatrical cinematic trailer, editing, the use of Steadicam and gimbal equipment, and delivery of MP4 files as a digital download.

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