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Asian Wedding Photography

At Royal Bindi, we’re not your typical Asian Wedding Photographer – we’re a renowned brand with decades of experience in capturing timeless moments. Our skilled photographers are experts in visual storytelling, ensuring your wedding day is immortalised in all its magic.

Based in London, we offer expert Asian wedding photography and videography services for Punjabi, Sikh, Indian, Hindu, Muslim, Tamil, South Indian, and other Asian weddings across the UK. Trust us to elegantly preserve the essence of your cultural celebrations with unparalleled dedication and skill.

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Asian Wedding Photography and Videography

Your Premier Asian Wedding Photographer

Asian Wedding Photography London, Birmingham, Leicester and UK | RoyalBindi

Expert London Based Asian Wedding Photographer

We are passionate and dedicated Asian wedding photographer based in London. With years of experience in capturing the beauty of weddings, we specialise in Sikh, Indian, Hindu & Muslim ceremonies.

Our journey in photography began with a deep love for storytelling and an eye for detail, allowing us to create timeless, elegant, and romantic images that you will cherish forever.

Every wedding is a unique story waiting to be told, and we are committed to documenting your special day with the utmost care and artistry. From the vibrant colours and intricate traditions to the intimate moments shared between loved ones, our goal is to encapsulate the joy and beauty of your wedding day.

Our Asian Wedding Photography Services

Serving Diverse Cultures

Asian Wedding Photography Styles We Offer

Find Your Perfect Style

At Royal Bindi, we offer a range of wedding photography styles to suit your unique vision. Our range includes:

Our classic, traditional photography preserves the timeless beauty and cultural richness of your Asian wedding.

Through candid moments, our lens authentically chronicles your love story with a journalistic touch, capturing genuine emotions as they unfold.

Our fusion style seamlessly intertwines modern aesthetics with cultural richness for visually striking images.

Using cinematic techniques, we weave your wedding moments into a captivating visual narrative, like scenes from a mesmerizing film.

Our artistry creates visually stunning compositions, capturing the captivating emotions of your wedding moments.

Our photography, using natural surroundings, reveals the organic beauty of your Asian wedding, creating effortlessly elegant and timeless images.

Our reportage style ensures a narrative-driven approach, capturing the essence of your day with genuine and heartfelt storytelling.

Capturing romantic moments, we create intimate portraits that showcase your profound love and connection.

With an editorial touch, we curate captivating images, transforming your wedding moments into a visual masterpiece.

Asian Wedding Photography Styles We Offer

Why Choose Us

For Your Asian Wedding Photography?

Expert Understanding of Traditions

We specialise in Asian wedding photography, capturing the beauty of your cultural traditions with respect.

Personalised Service

We tailor our approach to your unique vision, using quality equipment to deliver high-quality images.

Trusted and Experienced

With years of experience and glowing reviews, our reputation speaks for itself.

Preserving Every Joyful Moments

Cinematic Highlights

Asian Wedding Videography


Recent Weddings

Asian Weddings Photography Stories

Some Testimonials

Some Kind Words From You

Choosing Royal Bindi was the best decision we made for our wedding photography and videography. Their team’s professionalism, flexibility, and positive energy made the entire process enjoyable. They seamlessly integrated with our wedding day, capturing both the big moments and the subtle details. We highly recommend Royal Bindi for their exceptional work and commitment to excellence.

Jyoti & Sandeep

Asian Wedding Photography | Jyoti and Sandeep Sikh Wedding Story | RoyalBindi

Great work from Royal Bindi! It gives great peace of mind to know they have immense experience in the Asian wedding industry, are ahead of the game on quality, and provide excellent service. Many thanks to Raj and his team for the great service.

Neha & Harpy

Asian Wedding Photography | Neha and Harpy Sikh Wedding Story | RoyalBindi

Royal Bindi exceeded my expectations for my wedding photography. Their team was professional and attentive, capturing every precious moment with an artistic touch. The stunning photographs beautifully conveyed the emotions and essence of our special day. I highly recommend Royal Bindi for their passion, talent, and exceptional service.

Anita & Kamalpreet

Asian Wedding Photography | Anita and Kamalpreet Sikh Wedding Story | RoyalBindi

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