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One thing that you will learn along the way as you plan your wedding is that the small details matter just as much as the big ones do. You may have picked out your wedding photographer, but determining which wedding photography style will best fit your celebration is another thing that you should put a lot of thought into.

Your wedding is a one-time event, and you definitely want to immortalize it through wedding photographs that capture every important moment. Your photographs should evoke the same feelings that you once felt at your wedding, and do so artistically.

Admittedly, there are tons of wedding photographers out there, but there may only be a few that offer the style and feel that you want out of your photos. Royal Bindi Specialise in what we know best, Asian wedding photography. Rather than going for generic photographers that your family have been using for years, we recommend that you opt for one that is well-versed with the style you want, as well as skilled in the art of photography. A specialised asian wedding photographer will understand the traditions and rituals behind your special day and will know how to appropriately capture these. 

If you aren’t quite sure of what style you want your wedding shots to embrace, there is no need to panic! We’ve compiled different types of wedding photography to help you figure out the types of wedding photos you want. Read on to find out which style fits you and your spouse-to-be the best! We have even included examples of different types of wedding photography to help you make your wedding photography style decision.

Types of Wedding Photography

Contemporary Photography

contemporary Asian photographyThe first type of wedding photography which has been popular among couples is contemporary photography. In this type of wedding photography, the photos will take inspiration from fashion photography. Contemporary photography tends to stray away from stiff, rigid shots and opt for more relaxed and natural photographs. It’s all about telling a story within a single photograph by capturing it through exciting and fresh angles and lighting. 

Posed shots are still included in contemporary photography, but there is a notable touch of ease in the poses. This is a type of wedding photography that we would recommend if you have a photographer with a vision you trust. This is because contemporary photography leaves much of the stylistic decisions to the photographer, rather than the couple to be married. This will work out well if the photographer is someone you know to be well-versed in his style. However, if you have a very specific look that you want out of your photos, this may not be the best option for you.

The positive side to contemporary photography is that you will receive stunning and artistic shots. Your wedding photos will definitely stand out among the rest of the traditional wedding photos. A downside to contemporary photography, though, is that it may not be able to capture the mood you want for your wedding photos.

Traditional Photography

Conventional, classic, or traditional photography is still the safest bet for couples who just want wedding photos that will capture the important details of their wedding. Fewer frills and creative strokes, more on directed and posed shots. 

traditional photography for Asian Weddings

Up until the digital era, traditional photography was largely focused around wedding ceremonies. This is because traditional photography is known for having posed shots, as if there is already a list of all the photos needed. Since film was something they needed to worry about prior to digital cameras, wedding photographers needed to carefully curate and choose which shots to take, or else they may waste precious film.

The traditional style of wedding photography focuses on capturing posed shots. It aims to capture the highlights of the ceremony, as well as capturing its attendees with the couple or as a group. It involves following directions from the photographer. The photos from this type of wedding photography are usually the ones you see hung on the wall, capturing a beautiful memory forever.

Traditional style photography provides you with classic and timeless shots that will serve as a lasting memory of a once-in-a-lifetime wedding. However, the downside to traditional photography is that it can be time-consuming, because you’ll have to have a dedicated time slot just to get people together for the photos. The fact that the photos are planned and posed may also take away from some of the emotions that spontaneous photography can capture.

Reportage Photography

wedding reportage photographyFor those couples who would like wedding photographs that will tell a story, reportage photography style may be the perfect one for your celebration. This is actually not a new type of photography, as it is one that has been famous in journalism or documentary types of photographs. This style lends itself to asian weddings due to the amount of beautiful dresses and ceremonial material. 

In reportage photography, the photographer aims to tell a story with every single shot. Their goal is to document your special day in an unobstructive fashion that will narrate how the day went for the couple. Think of this as a mix of traditional and contemporary types of wedding photography; While the photographer is tasked to tell a narrative through the photos, they are geared up to take posed shots as well.

Reportage photography has recently taken the limelight in wedding photography because it is able to beautifully capture the emotion and story of the day without looking too forced or stiff. If you want to include traditional shots that are worthy of being displayed in your living room, be sure to communicate it with your photographer!

Different Styles of Wedding Photography

Now that we have covered the photography types for weddings, it’s time to touch on more specific styles that you may want to discuss with your photographer. Here are some things that you should definitely consider before meeting with your team:

Film vs. Digital Photography

Digital photography may have taken first place since its inception, but film photography has recently been taking centre stage in weddings as well. This may be because of the resurgence of vintage styles, giving a more artistic and hands-on view of the wedding. Most wedding photographers only shoot with one or the other, but there are some that now offer to shoot with both to give you more options for your wedding photos.

Digital photography harnesses the benefits of digital, which is that it is not bound by any number of film shots. Essentially, you can take as many photos as you need in order to ensure that the most precious moments of a wedding are preserved and not missed. This is a less risky approach compared to film, as the latter will not give you the option to review your shots or to take as many as you need.

On the other hand, film photography gives a very nostalgic feel to your photos that digital will have to go through editing to achieve. However, it can become challenging as it requires a more hands-on approach. If you find a photographer that specialises in film, then make sure that you can entrust your big day to them!

Lighting Styles: Flash vs. Natural Light

If you are having your wedding indoors, then it may be inevitable for you to opt for flash photography. This is when the photographer makes use of flash in order to have complete control over the lighting, no matter what the setting is. Through flash photography, your photo team will have an easier or more manageable time taking photos since they will not have to chase after natural light.

Natural light is more common in outdoor celebrations, and it poses both positive and negative aspects. The biggest upside to natural light photography is that your photographs will look effortlessly stunning in a way that flash photography will never be able to achieve. Provided, of course, that ample and appropriate lighting outdoors is achieved. However, as the night falls, natural light photographs tend to look more grainy compared to photos taken with flash. A quick solution to this would be to communicate with your photographer, and have him use flash and natural light whenever the lighting in the room permits.

Final tips for choosing a wedding photography style…

Now that we have given you all the types and styles of wedding photography, we hope that you have an idea of your you wish your wedding photographs will turn out. We highly recommend that you communicate with your photo and video team what your vision is, and ask them how they plan to achieve it. You may even bring sample photographs or videos to serve as pegs for them to follow! At Royal Bindi we like to always engage in an informal chat to start to make sure we are aware of a couples vision and expectations and provide a clear idea of what we can deliver.

Before choosing your wedding photography and video team, be sure that they have enough skill and experience to handle your big day. Take a look at their past projects, and ensure they have examples of the types of photography style you have chosen.

After all, you only get married once, so you would want to immortalise the memories in the best way possible. The way you can do this is by entrusting the job of capturing these special moments to a team that knows what you want, and works hard to achieve it. Having open communication with your photographers is the best way to make sure that you have the photos and videos to look back on for a lifetime.

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