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Bhavisha & Nissanth Hindu Asian Wedding Story

Bhavisha and Nissanth’s Hindu wedding was a grand affair, filled with vibrant colours, intricate rituals, and joyful celebrations in London. Our team of expert Hindu wedding photographers meticulously captured each moment, adhering to the rich traditions and customs that make Hindu weddings so unique.

From the intricacies of the dazzling mehndi ceremony to the sacred pheras around the ceremonial fire, every aspect was carefully documented in a candid and traditional style. Their special day was filled with happiness, and we were there to document every detail. We’re honored to be known as the Asian wedding photographers in the UK.

Bhavisha and Nissanth

The photographers and videographers at Royal Bindi are true artists. They have an eye for capturing the most precious moments and turning them into lifelong memories.
I highly recommend Royal Bindi to anyone in need of exceptional photography and videography services. Their expertise and creativity are second to none.

Bhavisha & Nissanth

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Bhavisha & Nissanth Hindu Wedding Portfolio

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