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Latest Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography is an art that captures the essence of one of life’s most significant moments — the joining of two lives in love and commitment. Just as each love story is unique, wedding photography comes in various styles, each with its beauty and purpose. Let’s delve into distinctive wedding photography styles that photographers use to narrate the love stories of couples around the world.

Latest Wedding Photography Styles

Trendy Styles

Traditional Wedding Photography:

This style is timeless and classic, involving posed, formal portraits and essential moments throughout the day. It’s ideal for couples who appreciate traditional, elegant photography and desire to capture the expected moments of a wedding.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Photojournalistic or Documentary Wedding Photography:

Photojournalistic photography aims to capture candid moments as they naturally occur, telling a genuine and unscripted story of the wedding day. It’s perfect for couples seeking a more authentic and spontaneous representation of their love-filled day.

Photojournalistic or Documentary Wedding Photography

Artistic or Fine Art Wedding Photography:

Artistic wedding photography involves a creative and imaginative approach to capturing moments. Photographers use various angles, lighting, and post-processing techniques to create visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing images, emphasizing their artistic vision.

Artistic or Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fashion Wedding Photography:

Fashion-inspired wedding photography incorporates elements of editorial photography, emphasizing style, posing, and high fashion. This style directs the couple to create glamorous and visually striking images, perfect for couples who want a fashion-forward, editorial feel to their wedding photos.

Fashion Wedding Photography

Natural or Bohemian Wedding Photography:

The natural or bohemian style embraces natural light, organic moments, and a free-spirited vibe. Photographers aim to capture the day in a relaxed and unobtrusive way, letting genuine emotions and connections between the couple and guests shine through.

Natural or Bohemian Wedding Photography

Cinematic Wedding Photography:

Cinematic wedding photography involves storytelling through images that resemble movie stills. Photographers use dramatic lighting, creative compositions, and post-production techniques to create a cinematic feel, perfect for couples envisioning their wedding as an epic and romantic tale.

Cinematic Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography:

Destination wedding photography is about capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the wedding location. It combines various styles to showcase both the wedding and the stunning surroundings, making it ideal for couples planning a wedding at a picturesque destination.

Destination Wedding Photography

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Drone Wedding Photography:

Drone photography adds an exciting dimension by capturing breathtaking aerial shots of the wedding venue, outdoor ceremonies, and grand processions. It provides a unique perspective, giving a cinematic and grandiose feel to the wedding album.

Drone Wedding Photography

Vintage Wedding Photography:

Vintage wedding photography involves capturing moments with a timeless, romantic, and nostalgic feel. It often includes sepia tones, film-like grain, and other elements that evoke the charm of a bygone era.

Vintage Wedding Photography

Gothic or Alternative Wedding Photography:

Gothic or alternative wedding photography is edgy and unconventional, often featuring dark or moody aesthetics. It’s perfect for couples who want to step away from traditional styles and express their unique personalities.

Gothic or Alternative Wedding Photography

Documentary-Hybrid Wedding Photography:

This style combines elements of both traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography. It captures the important moments of the day in a posed and formal manner, while also capturing candid moments as they naturally occur.

Documentary-Hybrid Wedding Photography

Lifestyle Wedding Photography:

This style focuses on capturing the couple’s authentic relationship and interactions with their guests in a natural and relaxed way.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Conceptual Wedding Photography:

This style is highly creative and artistic, often involving staged scenes and props. It’s perfect for couples who want to create unique and memorable wedding photos that reflect their personalities and interests.

Conceptual Wedding Photography

Travel-Themed Wedding:

If you and your partner love to travel, consider having a travel-themed wedding. You could decorate your wedding venue with maps and globes, and serve food from different countries. You could even have your guests sign a guest book that is shaped like a passport.

Travel-Themed Wedding


Each wedding photography style is a beautiful way to capture the love and individuality of the couple. When choosing a style, it’s important to consider the couple’s personality, vision for their day, and budget. Couples should also meet with multiple photographers to find one whose style aligns with theirs. By collaborating closely with their photographer, couples can ensure that their wedding memories are forever preserved in the most enchanting and meaningful manner.

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