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Charmi & Eranga Hindu Asian Wedding Story

The Hindu wedding of Charmi and Eranga was beautifully captured through our skilled Hindu wedding  photographer’s. The photos highlighted the vibrant rituals, colours, and the couple’s love. Charmi’s stunning bridal attire and Eranga’s regal sherwani were showcased using a blend of candid and traditional photography styles. The images captured the joyous celebration with family and friends dancing, immortalizing this grand wedding in London. Their special day was filled with joy for Charmi, Eranga, and their families. We’ve expertly covered every moment, and we take pride in our role as Asian wedding photographers in the UK.

Charmi and Eranga

Royalbindi’s talent and creativity shine through in every frame of our wedding videos and photoshoot. They have a unique ability to capture the beauty of each moment, highlighting the emotions and atmosphere of our special day. We are grateful for their dedication and passion.

Charmi & Eranga

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