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The Art of Punjabi Wedding Photography

Punjabi Wedding Photography | Royal Bindi

We specialise in Punjabi wedding photography. Our approach is deeply rooted in understanding Punjabi culture. We emphasise the vibrant colours, festive atmosphere, and candid moments that define Punjabi celebrations, whether it’s a wedding or a cultural festival. Traditional attire plays a vital role in my compositions, adding authenticity to the photographs. We meticulously capture rituals and traditions, paying attention to the details and significance of each ceremony. Group shots and portraits are organised to document the entire event, and my storytelling approach ensures that the narrative of the occasion is vividly conveyed.

Our Punjabi Wedding Stories

The Pre-Wedding Excitement: Setting the Stage

Our Punjabi wedding photography often begins with pre-wedding shoots at picturesque locations. These shoots serve as a canvas to paint the chemistry and excitement of the couple against stunning backdrops. Photographers play with natural light, candid moments, and creative compositions to encapsulate the essence of love and anticipation.

The Pre Wedding Excitement Setting the Stage

Vibrant Attire and Accessories: Capturing the Details

Vibrant Attire and Accessorie Capturing the Details

Punjabi brides and grooms adorn themselves in elaborate, colourful attire. For photographers, this is a treasure trove of intricate details, from the resplendent bridal lehengas to the finely crafted turbans of the groom. The challenge lies in capturing these details while preserving the emotion and spontaneity of the moment.

Mehndi Magic: Artistry and Tradition

The mehndi ceremony is a visual extravaganza, with brides’ hands adorned in intricate henna designs. Photographers focus on showcasing the artistry and documenting candid interactions as guests celebrate and sing traditional songs. The challenge here is to balance the macro and micro views, capturing both the broader scene and the finer details.

Mehndi Magic Artistry and Tradition

The Lively Sangeet Night: Capturing Energy and Emotion

The lively sangeet night capturing energy and emotion

Sangeet is a night of music, dance, and celebration. Friends and family come together for lively dance performances, heartfelt speeches, and an evening of pure fun. Photographers strive to freeze the energy, joy, and emotional connections between loved ones, often in low-light settings.

The Grand Entrance: Baraat Photography

The wedding day begins with the grand entrance of the groom’s procession, known as the baraat. Photographers capture this spectacle with a keen eye for candid moments amid the dancing and merriment. The challenge here is to balance the excitement with the need for clear, vibrant images.

The Grand Entrance Baraat Photography

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Sacred Anand Karaj Ceremony: Capturing Spiritual Moments

Sacred Anand Karaj Ceremony Capturing Spiritual Moments

The Anand Karaj ceremony is the spiritual heart of a Sikh Punjabi wedding. Photographers document not only the rituals but also the deep emotional moments as the couple takes their sacred vows. The serene Gurdwara (Sikh temple) setting provides a unique atmosphere that photographers must harness to capture the essence of Punjabi or Sikh wedding photography.

Joyous Rituals and Traditions: Adding Depth to the Story

Punjabi weddings are rich in unique customs and playful rituals. From the “Joota Chupai” (stealing of the groom’s shoes) to the heartfelt “Laavaan” (circumambulation around the Guru Granth Sahib), these rituals add depth, humour, and warmth to the visual narrative.

Joyous Rituals and Traditions Adding Depth to the Story

Bhangra and Giddha: Dance Extravaganza

Bhangra and Giddha Dance Extravaganza

The wedding day features vibrant Bhangra and Giddha performances, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. Photographers immerse themselves in the rhythmic dances, capturing the infectious energy and camaraderie of the guests.

The Lavish Feasts: Documenting Culinary Delights

Punjabi cuisine is legendary, and the wedding feast is a culinary extravaganza. Photographers turn their lenses to the mouthwatering dishes and the joyous atmosphere at the food counters. Capturing both the food and the emotions it evokes is the key challenge.

The Lavish Feasts Documenting Culinary Delights

Emotional Farewells: The Journey Continues

Emotional Farewell The Journey Continues

As the wedding celebrations conclude, photographers focus on the emotional farewells and poignant moments of departure. These moments beautifully encapsulate the bittersweet emotions as the bride embarks on her journey to her new home.

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Packages for Punjabi Wedding Photography

Our Punjabi wedding photography packages typically depend on the number of photographers, videographers, event coverage time, and deliverables. For instance, with a package including 1 videographer and 1 photographer, you can expect a range of £1,400 to £1,600 for coverage of up to 6 hours. Our comprehensive package includes services like cinematic film production, a theatrical cinematic trailer, editing, the use of steadicam and gimbal equipment, and the delivery of MP4 files as a digital download.

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