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Asian Wedding Carriages London

A Fairytale Arrival: Asian Wedding Carriages London

For couples planning a wedding in London, the choice of wedding carriage is a pivotal aspect of the celebration. It is a symbol of tradition, elegance, and grandeur, setting the tone for the festivities ahead. When it comes to selecting the perfect carriage, many options are available to cater for every couple’s unique preferences and cultural traditions.

From classic horse-drawn carriages to modern luxury vehicles, everything suits every style and budget. Some renowned companies offering exquisite Asian wedding carriages in London include The Ostler, Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters, Tim Wood Carriages, and My Wedding Entrances. Let us explore the enchanting world of Asian wedding carriages in London and discover the perfect ride for your special day.

Choosing Your Asian Wedding Carriages London: A Journey Through Styles

Your grand arrival at a breathtaking Asian wedding venue in London, the grandeur of the architecture mirrored by your chosen carriage. Whether it has the clip-clop of horses echoing through cobblestone streets leading to a majestic manor house gliding past iconic landmarks to your modern city hall celebration, your entrance sets the stage for an unforgettable day. Let us explore four stunning choices that will make your arrival truly magical:


Open-air carriage with two facing benches, allowing you and your partner to greet the world hand-in-hand. Its light and airy design lets you soak in the sights and sounds of London, while the lack of a roof means your wedding attire becomes the star of the show. Imagine flowing bridal gowns catching the breeze and vibrant groom’s outfits taking centre stage in every photograph.

Asian Wedding Carriages London | Vis a Vis

Glass Landau:

A refined carriage with a transparent roof and windows, offering panoramic vistas of the city. The carriage body is often crafted from wood, adorned with intricate carvings and polished brass accents. The glass enclosure allows you to arrive in style while enjoying the sights and sounds of your special day.

Asian Wedding Carriages London | Glass Landau


This carriage exudes regal grandeur. Its distinctive roof, shaped like a pagoda with ornate carvings and vibrant colours. The carriage body is often larger than others, offering a spacious and luxurious ride. The overall design is reminiscent of royalty, creating a dramatic entrance that will leave your guests speechless.

Asian Wedding Carriages London | Pagoda


This carriage is a fairytale come true. A horse-drawn pumpkin transformed into a magnificent carriage, complete with a curved roof, intricate detailing, and a grand entrance door. The carriage body is often adorned with ornate carvings, shimmering paintwork, and plush seating fit for a princess. Arriving in this carriage will make you feel like royalty and create a magical memory for everyone.

Asian Wedding Carriages London | Cinderella

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Asian Wedding Photography London

Finding Your Asian Wedding Carriage London: Explore Trusted Providers

Selecting the right carriage service provider is crucial for a seamless and magical carriage experience. Here’s a closer look at the listed providers to help you choose your trusted partner:

The Ostler:

The Ostler, a leading provider of Asian wedding horses and carriages in the UK, offers a wide range of services specifically tailored for Asian weddings in London. They boast the largest stable of white horses in the country, perfect for traditional Baraat processions.

Their horse-drawn carriages come in various styles, including Western, Eastern, and even fairytale Cinderella carriages, all adorned with customizable options like flower colours, silk cravats, and plume feathers.

They also offer traditional Asian drapes for the carriage interior, catering to specific cultural preferences. Whether you seek a classic hooded Landau carriage or a whimsical Cinderella pumpkin carriage, The Ostler has you covered for your grand entrance or departure in London.

Phone: 07411 176945

E-mail: info@horseandcarriagehire.co.uk

Asian Wedding Carriages London | The Ostler

Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters:

Established in 2004, Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters specialises in providing exceptional white horses specifically for Asian weddings in London. Each horse is expertly trained and accompanied by a qualified handler throughout the procession, ensuring a safe and smooth experience.

Their experienced coachman, who previously worked with the Queen’s horses at the Royal Mews, guarantees the highest standards of service and attention to detail. Whether you envision a traditional Baraat entrance or a grand wedding arrival, Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters offers a touch of regal elegance to your London Asian wedding.

Phone: 01708 687319

E-mail: info@carriage-masters.co.uk

Asian Wedding Carriages London | Heritage Horse Drawn Carriage Masters

Tim Wood Carriages:

Tim Wood Carriages, established in 1991, offers personalized horse and carriage hire specifically for Asian weddings in London. They provide beautifully adorned white horses, traditionally known as Ghodi, for the groom’s Baraat procession, accompanied by experienced handlers and dressed in traditional garb.

Their horse-drawn carriages, including a Cinderella carriage and classic Landau options, can further elevate the bride’s arrival or departure ceremony (Vidai). Tim and Gayle, the owners, hold the highest driving qualifications and prioritise animal welfare with WATO certificates. With years of experience and positive testimonials, Tim Wood Carriages aims to make your London Asian wedding a fairytale come true.

Phone: 0208 428 8074

E-mail: woodtg@aol.com

Address: Spencer-davis & Co, 4-6 Peterborough Road, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA1 2BQ.

Asian Wedding Carriages London | Tim Wood Carriages

My Wedding Entrances

My Wedding Entrance specialises in creating magical entrances for Asian weddings across London and beyond. From white wedding horses adorned in traditional finery to stunning Doli and Palki for the bride’s arrival, they offer a variety of options to match your dream wedding theme.

Whether you envision a grand procession with Dhol players and a band baja accompanying the groom on a white horse, or a more whimsical entrance with a beautifully decorated tuk tuk or bicycle rickshaw, My Wedding Entrance has it all. They even cater to your bridesmaids’ entrance, providing striking decorative mehndi umbrellas for a vibrant entrance.

Phone: +44 20 3664 0720

E-mail: info@myweddingentrance.com

Asian Wedding Carriages London | My Wedding Entrances

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Tips for a Flawless Carriage Ride:

  • Match the carriage to your wedding theme for a cohesive and stunning look.
  • Ensure the carriage accommodates your wedding party comfortably.
  • Plan your route and obtain necessary permits.
  • Compare prices and services to find the best fit for your budget.
  • Decorate the carriage with flowers, ribbons, or personalized touches to reflect your style.
  • Consider hiring musicians to add a festive atmosphere.
  • Book your carriage well in advance, especially during the peak wedding season.

Let your love story unfold in true elegance with a horse-drawn carriage. With careful planning and the expertise of these trusted providers, your Asian wedding Carriages London arrival will be an unforgettable moment forever etched in your memory.


A grand entrance, a fairytale moment, a memory forever etched in hearts – that’s the magic of arriving at your London Asian wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. So, choose your chariot, let the rhythmic clip-clop announce your arrival, and step into your happily ever after, London style.

Remember, the journey to your happily ever after starts with the first step into your carriage, and with these trusted providers, that step will be nothing short of extraordinary. So, let the adventure begin!

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Asian weddings often feature a variety of carriages, including traditional horse-drawn carriages, modern luxury vehicles, and vintage cars adorned with intricate decorations.

It’s advisable to book your wedding carriage as early as possible, ideally several months in advance, especially if you’re planning to get married during peak wedding season.

Many companies offer the opportunity to view their carriages in person or through online galleries before making a booking. This allows you to assess the style and condition of the carriages available.

Most companies have contingency plans in place for adverse weather conditions, such as providing covered carriages or alternative transportation options to ensure your wedding day proceeds smoothly.

Yes, most Asian wedding carriage services include professional chauffeurs who are experienced in navigating wedding routes and ensuring a smooth and memorable journey.

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