The cost of most weddings will increase considerably and that is understandable given the amount of effort and arrangements that have to be put in place. Whether it is the dress, the suit, the venue or all of these things put together, the cost can increase significantly. 


You might want a big, elaborate wedding at an exclusive venue with posh cars and flowers and plenty of colour, all of which might eat into your budget. This can leave you in a position of not having the funds available to employ a professional photographer for your big day and so, you turn to a friend or a colleague or even a family member to take care of your photography on the day.


This sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? After all, you’re saving a lot of money and that enables you to put those savings into other areas of your wedding planning. However, have you ever thought about what could happen if you do choose to use an amateur photographer?


The truth is, a wedding photographer is extremely important, and for those amateur photographers who are taking care of capturing the special day then they might find it a completely daunting experience. After all, the bride and groom are putting their expectations on their shoulders and expect them to do a good job of taking photos. After all, it is just a case of pointing and clicking isn’t it?


However, you only get one shot at capturing the day and each moment which means that the stakes are high. What’s more, it is extremely easy to make mistakes and that can cause all sorts of problems. Along with all of this, amateur photographers are going to have to deal with all of the same problems a professional photographer will have to deal with such as exposure, positioning and more. However, a professional photographer will have the experience and the skills to overcome these problems, so, what problems will amateur photographers have to deal with?




Getting the exposure right is vital to successfully capturing many moments throughout the day. Whether the bride is wearing a bright white dress or the groom has opted for a bright white suit, it is things such as this that can cause a problem for amateur photographers. Therefore, overexposure and underexposure will result in photographs that simply do not capture the moment.




The aim is to always use a clean background because a noisy background can result in all sorts of problems and can take away the focus of the image. A plain background doesn’t have to mean boring but thinking that a green, garden-like background will result in great photos just won’t cut it.


Missing the Best Shots


Professional wedding photographers will have the ability to capture every shot and make the most of them, ensuring they look every bit as perfect. However, amateur photographers won’t know the tricks of the trade or have any idea how to capture the right shots, which means that they will miss out on the best shots.


Manic Group Shots


Group shots are more challenging than many might realise. It’s why a professional photographer will ask people to move around and take new positions when taking a group shot. Therefore, it is a case of managing all people, asking them to smile and ensure they are looking at the camera. A professional photographer will have experience of this while an amateur photographer might find it intimidating.


Equipment Problems


The reality is that problems occur. It could be a faulty camera, an accident or the memory card becomes full and your amateur photographer has no spare. A professional photographer will prepare for all eventualities and that means that they have a back up for every scenario. Replacement cameras and equipment as well as spare memory cards and more, they are always ready to ensure that they can keep things moving smoothly.


Many of these mistakes will be avoided by a professional photographer. They are prepared, professional and it’s what they do every day.

Why Would You Cut Corners On Your Big Day?


When you have spent potentially thousands of pounds on your wedding day, you are going to want it to be right in every possible way. You’ve spent months searching for the right dress, the groom has spent time looking for suits and making arrangements with his friends. You’ve visited countless venues and picked all the smaller details such as flours and a colour scheme. 


You have spent a lot of money on all of these things and when you really think about it, all of the money you spend on flowers will eventually go to waste as flowers will die but they add to the charm of the day. Therefore, spending whatever it takes on flowers is understandable. So, when you think about photography, why would you think about cutting corners? Unlike flowers, which will eventually disappear, your photographs will last a lifetime and that is why you need to make sure you get the decision right.


We cannot deny that using the services of a professional photographer will cost money but we also know that we offer a range of packages to suit your budget and needs. Therefore, there is no excuse for cutting corners and trying to save money because you will be left with photographs that do not do your big day justice. You want to capture the fun and laughter, you want to capture those special moments and you definitely want to show off the colour and all other aspects of your wedding day. This is where a professional photographer will be worth every single penny that you spend on them.


Cutting corners and trying to do the photography in a cheaper way will only lead to disappointment and we can guarantee that. It will simply mean that you won’t have the memories to look back on and your photographs will never enable you to relive those moments.


We don’t urge you to overspend on your wedding photography. We certainly don’t encourage you to get into debt paying for a professional photography service on your big day. However, what we do hope is that you will take the photography aspect of your big day as seriously as possible. Therefore, we want to make you aware that every professional photographer will want to work with you and that means that they are willing to work with you and your budget.


Therefore, you should consider speaking to a professional Asian wedding photographer to identify what is on offer and how they can provide their service to you. What’s more, you are going to be surprised at how accessible their service will be and once you see their work, you are going to want to have a professional photographer there on your big day. While people might say that you cannot put a price on capturing your big day in the right way, you are going to need to put a price on it. However, understanding what is on offer can really make a difference.


If You Go Professional, Get to Know Them


Different photographers have different ways of working and so, they might not have the same ideas as you. Just like you would try on several dresses, you should do the same with your chosen photographers. 


Therefore, take the chance to arrange a meeting with them where you can talk through what you want. You will need to set out your budget too and your chosen Asian wedding photographer will be able to talk through what you will get for that. They will discuss the venue and the potential photographs that they can capture. 


It is a personal thing and you have to have a good feeling about your photographer. They have to be approachable, open to your needs and share their ideas with you. While they are the experts, they are open to your suggestions and ideas as that will give them an insight into what you really want. 


They will go through their portfolios and they may even have shots taken at your venue which could be an added bonus. What’s more, they can alleviate any concerns that you might have and that can help to reduce stress and worry.


It is crucial that you do your research and opt to have a professional photographer for your wedding. Of course, as a professional photography service, we are going to say that but we want you to get the most from your day and to do that, you need photographs that are going to capture the entire day in the right way. So, put your trust in us, set some budget aside and make one of the best decisions you could make by placing a booking for a professional photographer – you won’t have any regrets.


To find out how we can take care of all of your photography needs on your big day, why not make an enquiry or contact us on 0208 090 2180. 

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