Sikh wedding

As a bride or a groom, you have a lot on your plate as it is. But planning a Sikh wedding properly can be a bit much because of all the rituals and the number of guests that attend an Indian wedding.

However, if you use the following tips, you will be able to plan this the right way and stay on top of all the important aspects of it.

Make an actual plan

The thing about any Indian wedding, especially Sikh wedding, is that you can’t just take a nose dive into it. You can only do it the right way if you plan things from a microscopic lens. For instance, before you start looking at mandap designs, it is important to discuss your wedding priorities with your partner. You should iron out the details with them and then move to the next steps.

Put an effort to go step-by-step

Planning your wedding properly means that you must complete each task and then move on to the next one rather than completing each task randomly. While it is necessary to chase your idea of a dream wedding, it is important to be practical rather than trying to conquer everything on your list at once.

Keep the wedding plan between a small group of people

In an Indian wedding, everyone has an opinion on how to do wedding the right way. But rather than listening to so many people and confusing yourself, it is important to discuss the planning with only a trusted group of friends and family members. Even when you keep the plans within a tight group, you are still likely to get plenty of unsolicited feedback as well as opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do. However, it is necessary to stick to the plan and not deviate from it just to please an old aunt or a nosy distant relative. You can do that by staying calm when someone gives you their opinion. Just say “I’ll think about it,” and move on.  

An Indian wedding is a family affair

It is great to have plenty of ideas before the wedding, but the reality is that a lot will change as you progress along in the plan. Your families may want to add one extra ritual or remove another. But learn to stay calm in this situation and up your negotiation skills. Keep an open mind and try to incorporate as much of your family’s wish as you can, as long as it is feasible.

Don’t try to cut corners “everywhere”

Weddings attract big budgets and you may have to penny pinch a lot of times. But don’t try to cut corners where it isn’t required. For instance, you will need a good wedding photographer to capture all your beautiful moments or you would need an efficient wedding planner that understands Indian Sikh weddings. Trying to cut corners in areas such as these may compromise the quality and affect the look and feel of the wedding. Even though price is not a sole indicator of good quality, but do remember that you get what you pay for. At the same, it is the little details in your wedding that makes your wedding more special. So plan your budget accordingly and keep some room for unexpected expenditures too.

Try on your wedding clothes before the wedding

Don’t wait to try on your wedding trousseau on the wedding day. You should test them out beforehand to ensure that it fits perfectly. There would be times when you may have to tweak your dress to fall perfectly on your body.

Hire a trained mehndi artist

Start contacting mehndi artists to help, schedule a consultation, check out their work portfolio, and ask about the products they use. Make sure that the artist gives you simple, clean, and professional look after they are done with you. Just be sure to talk to them before hiring and do check their work to ensure that they know their craft!

Make your reception enjoyable

At an Indian wedding, the main job of your guests is to enjoy the food, drinks, and dancing. Therefore, plan your reception day in such a way that it gives them plenty of time to all of that and more. Keep the program short, sweet, and fun.

In the end, it cannot be stressed enough that this wedding is all about you and your partner. It is a happy occasion where all your loved ones congregate to celebrate a union. So, don’t stress over the little things, hire credible professionals for various tasks, and don’t hyper plan the wedding only to get too anxious. Just use these tips to help you get a head start.

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