Sikh weddings are more than just music, dance and Patiala pegs. From the Roka ceremony to the Vidaai, here is the detailed rundown of Sikh wedding rituals. Sikh weddings are full of colour, love and delicious food. The Roka ceremony is a pre-engagement ceremony where the bride and groom’s family officially mark the couple’s union.  

The Sehra Bandi ceremony is performed by the groom’s father and groom’s sister, who ties the Sehra after the groom is ready in his wedding dress. After that, the groom takes Baraat to the wedding venue with his family and relatives. They step into Gurdwara. The baraat is then led into the darbar (main hall), where Anand Karaj’s ceremony would take place. The Anand Karaj is the blissful union of the groom and bride, with the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Holy book) being the witness to this union. 

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