Your Wedding Photo Checklist – What You Need to Consider

It might seem slightly over the top to have a wedding photo checklist but the reality is that you already have so much to think about, so why not make life easier for yourself?

This is not a physical list that you need to carry around with you but a checklist that will enable you to arrange the process and make it a lot easier to keep on top of all arrangements. When you have created your wedding photo checklist, you can then give it to your photographer, giving them an idea of what you are looking for and how to fulfil your needs. What this means is that you can really fine-tune your requirements, ensuring you do not feel as though you missed something out when you eventually look at your photographs after your big day. So, if you want to avoid the disappointment of wishing you had photographed a certain relative more or you wanted your pictures shot in a different location then a checklist is the ideal solution.

Photographers Will Have Their Own List

Every professional photographer will have their own list. So, whether you are having photographs taken or you are having a video created, you can be sure that your photographer will have some sort of idea of what the capture. Of course, the experience that they possess has enabled them to gain an understanding of the process. They can also capture the more traditional shots while also injecting their own touch of creativity. Despite all of this, it is still a wise move to ensure that you create your own list. After all, this is your big day and you want to make sure you capture all those moments. Whether there are key elements you want capturing or specific people, a list will make it possible to arrange all of this. So, this means that you are going to need to speak with your photographer to determine whether they have their own shot list that is based on their style. However, some photographers prefer to capture images on the fly while some might have a template that they have created themselves.

Your photographer will be able to give you a starting point, especially if you are struggling with inspiration although now is the time to begin thinking about your own shots that you want to be included in the package. So, whether you want to have a group shot with friends or you want to your photographer to capture images at a special location, now is the time to get it down in the form of a list. This is your big day and you have to make sure you have it your own way.

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Prior to the Wedding

You might choose to take advantage of our love shoot package. This is a way of getting to know you as a couple and understand more about your needs. It will also enable us to show you what we can offer and how we work. We chat and capture amazing shots that are going to show you how we work.

Wedding Day – The Pre-Ceremony Checklist

Preparing for the wedding

  • Wedding invitation shot
  • Make-up and hair shot of brides and bridesmaid
  • Shot of outfit laid out
  • Shot of flowers and accessories
  • Bride putting on dress and family members assisting
  • Wedding party enjoying the moment
  • Intricate detailing of outfits captured
  • Putting on accessories
  • Shot of mother and bride
  • Shot of father and brid
  • Family shots
  • Bride alone
  • Wedding party leaving house or venue
  • Walk to the ceremony or car ride
  • Groom getting ready
  • Groomsmen getting ready
  • Groom alone
  • Shots of wedding rings

The First Glance

There are some instances where couples opt to see each other before the wedding ceremony. This provides them with the opportunity to spend a few quiet moments with each other and to understand the special moment that awaits them. What’s more, they also get to calm their nerves and talk through their day. It is a very special moment and one that a photographer loves to capture. It is an intimate and emotional moment that cannot be captured elsewhere. As everything comes together, the big day awaits them and that is why these moments have to be captured. As a result, this enables the photographer to capture them along for that first glance as well as the reaction of all of their guests when they enter together.

The trip to the ceremony and the venue is also a special moment and one that is enjoyed by all of the wedding party. Therefore, it means that you will want your photographer to capture:

  • The parents of the bride
  • All bridesmaids and flower girls
  • The parents of the groom
  • The best man
  • Groomsmen and page boys
  • The wedding vehicle

The Checklist for the Wedding Ceremony

Some venues make it known that they do not like having photographs taken during the ceremony. Sometimes this option is taken because they believe that the moment should be shared by those who are there at that moment in time. However, if you want photographs taken at the venue, you should ensure that you speak with the manager first to see what they have in place.

What this means is that you might want to compile a checklist that looks a little something like this:

  • Shots of the venue empty and this will ensure that all details of the venue are captured as well as any accessories that you have placed in the venue.
  • All of the guests waiting outside the venue
  • Guests walking up to the venue and entering the venue
  • The handing out of programs
  • The car arriving
  • The groom at the venue
  • The bride exiting the vehicle
  • The bridal party at the venue
  • The bridal party entering
  • Bride walking up the aisle
  • The reaction of the groom
  • The parent giving away the bride
  • The exchanging of vows
  • Holding of hands
  • Any other pivotal moments during the ceremony
  • Exchanging of rings
  • Ring bearer
  • All readers, musicians or other parties
  • The first kiss
  • The glance into the eyes of each other
  • Signing the register
  • The married couple walking back down the aisle
  • Shot of the newlyweds
  • Shot of them outside the venue
  • Greeting guests outside
  • Entering their vehicle

The Post Ceremony Wedding Photo Checklist

It is common for the majority of couples to want photographs taken of them after the ceremony. This post-ceremony tradition is something that allows them to capture their time as a newlywed couple. This is something that is even more common with those who choose to have photographs taken before the ceremony as it enables them to capture every aspect of the day. However, this portrait session can take anything from 30 minutes to two hours based on the location and the shots that you hope to capture. Most wedding days are governed by time and so, it is worth speaking with your photographer to determine what you can achieve and what you want. Preparing a list of all the people you want in the shots can help too as it will enable you to ensure they are also aware of what you want on the day. You might want specific shots that capture different looks and settings. Along with all of this, you might prefer to give a close friend the responsibility of working with the photographer to round up those guests who you want in your photographs.

As a result, your checklist could look a little like this:

  • Couple shoot 
  • Portraits of the bride or groom on their own
  • The couple with bridesmaids
  • The couple with groomsmen
  • Couple with the entire wedding party
  • Bride with the maid of honour or bridesmaids
  • Groom with best man
  • Couple with all children

Creating a checklist might seem as though it is a little over the top but so much goes into your big day that you want to make sure it is all captured perfectly. While your photographer is going to have all the required skills, they won’t understand your specific needs in detail. As a result, giving them a checklist and having one to follow will ensure that they get everything that you want from your special day.


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