An essential guide to bridal attire and jewelry in a sikh wedding

An Essential Guide to Bridal Attire and Jewelry in a Sikh Wedding

A Sikh wedding is known for the rich traditions and rituals that they perform with equal grace and excitement. Many rituals and ceremonies are a part of the wedding, from pre-wedding to Anand Karaj.

Anand Karaj is the religious name for the main Sikh wedding ceremony. It is performed under a pure white dome and in front of the holy book, ‘The Guru Granth Sahib Ji’. For the bride and groom along with the attendees, it is the most pure, graceful, and tranquil experience to be felt.

To solemnise the wedding, similar to every other traditional wedding ceremony, Anand Karaj also consists of pheras also known as Laavan. This ceremony is considered to be a long-living tradition and is known as the most sacred way of tying the knot that witnesses the union of two blessed spirits in the presence of the Almighty God.

The bridal attire and jewellery in a Sikh wedding are detailed to the finest point and related to the rituals and traditions that are associated with a Sikh wedding. As a Sikh wedding photographer in London, let me share more about bridal attire, jewellery, and how a Sikh bride dresses up for every ceremony at the wedding.