Sikh wedding

A Sikh wedding is known for the rich traditions and rituals that they perform with equal grace and excitement. There are a number of rituals and ceremonies that are a part of the wedding, from pre-wedding to Anand Karaj. Anand Karaj is the religious name for the main Sikh wedding ceremony. It is performed under a pure white dome and in front of the holy book, ‘The Guru Granth Sahib Ji’. For the bride and groom along with the attendees, it is the most pure, graceful, and tranquil experience to be felt. In order to solemnise the wedding, similar to every other traditional wedding ceremony, Anand Karaj also consists of pheras also known as Laavan. This ceremony is considered to be a long living tradition and is known as the most sacred way of tying the knot that witnesses the union of two blessed spirits in the presence of the Almighty God.

The bridal attire and jewellery in a Sikh wedding are detailed to the finest point and related to the rituals and traditions that are associated with a Sikh wedding. Let us know more about the bridal attire, jewellery, and how a Sikh bride dresses up for every ceremony in the wedding.

The Dress

Typically, a Sikh bride wears either a lehenga or a salwar kameez to the Anand Karaj. The colour should be rich red or bright pink as it symbolizes prosperity and auspiciousness that are two main blessings for the newly marrieds. For a Sikh bride, wearing black and white colour to the wedding is restricted.


The Necklace is usually heavy and ornamental, made of gold. The elaborate design of the necklace worn by the bride makes her look the best for the wedding.

Gold Bangles

The red and white Choora worn by the bride is an important element of a Sikh wedding but along with that, the bride also wears golden bangles to add beauty to her look.


The tikka is commonly worn by every Indian bride on the wedding day. It is a beautiful and elaborate head accessory that is tied over the head and tucked in under the dupatta.

The Nath

The nose ring that a Sikh bride wears with her wedding attire almost completes the look and makes it more beautiful. Embellished with beautiful shining pearls and other small jewels, the size may vary as per the bride’s preference.


During one of the pre-wedding rituals, the red and white bangles that are also known as chooda are gifted to the bride by the maternal uncle. The chooda should be worn by the bride for at least 40 days to a year. The colour of the chooda is constant but there are a variety of designs available.


Kaleere are another important element of a bridal attire that are two gold plated, dome shaped ornaments, attached to the kara, dangles from the wrist of the bride. They are created from lightweight material and embellished with beads and strings to enhance the design.

The wedding day is one of the most important days for every individual and dressing up their best can create some of the best memories to cherish for life-long.

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