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Asian Wedding Photography for Sustainable Weddings

Asian Wedding Photography for Sustainable Wedding

One of the most important events in the life of any individual is his or her wedding. It is the day when he or she gets to look the best among all the individuals in the same room, and efforts from different corners come together to make the day special. For this momentous occasion to linger in guests’ minds, it is important to choose a reputed company that provides high-quality Asian wedding photography.

Every still photographer and videographer endeavours to capture a wedding in its complete glory. While Asian wedding photography helps to freeze the colours and the emotions in time, videography frames the stories and emotions from scratch to complete development. A wedding is nothing but the sheer display of emotions, sometimes extravagant and sometimes subtle, from start to finish.

Food photography

The menu available at a wedding is always special, with the variations in opulence being visible. For example, there are some weddings where greater emphasis has been given to non-vegetarian items instead of vegetarian foods. Counters are often established for obtaining bread directly from the stove, which makes them fresh and tasty. Similarly, you will also see food counters for special items such as doses and mixed veggies, and a photographer can entice guests with these images.

Food Photography

Preserve Your Memories and the Planet – Choose Our Asian Wedding Photography Services and Hire Us to Craft Your Sustainable Wedding Story!

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New roles for wedding planners and designers

The presence of the Coronavirus has led to the arrival of a new norm concerning big fat Indian weddings. Customers are increasingly making organizers look at sustainable weddings and reduced budgets. There are wedding designers who have been diligently working for years to come up with sustainable and locally sourced designs. This year, you will notice trends such as:

  • Personalization and detailing, which may even lead to handwritten invites
  • Investment in foliage, local flowers, and other forms of greenery in the wedding décor. The best photo-ops are available where the setup is surrounded by local flowers
  • Use of handmade fabrics
  • Printing both sides, recycled papers, and e-invites
  • Carpooling
  • Use of recycled props
  • Use of chalkboards
  • Multiple functions being organized at a single venue
  • Use of older clothes by mothers or grandmothers for at least one function
  • Reusable cutlery and food being served on banana leaves
New Roles for Wedding Planners and Designers

Reputed wedding planning agencies will first checklists to prioritize the completion of tasks for the wedding and its related functions. Wedding planners who handle Asian weddings should necessarily be well experienced in such coordination activities and must also be able to get work done swiftly through favourable relationships with certain vendors. In other words, they need to be very familiar with the local geography and the availability of materials in the area. They are responsible for ensuring that weddings and their related events are completed with minimum hassles.

Imagine the number of photo-ops available at such weddings! Each wedding of this kind will present an entirely new level of uniqueness, which will be remembered for generations to come.

Customizing photo and video stories

Once a wedding and all its related events are over, photographers and videographers will get down to the task of compiling all their shots. You can choose to both create physical or digital wedding albums with these and use video montages as part of the main wedding video. Both kinds of professionals will spend time editing their products to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the ultimate results. Photographers will be constantly in touch with you to make changes if necessary and to ensure clear communication.

Customizing Photo and Video Stories

Clothes at the wedding

Photographers will get several opportunities to see wedding guests in gorgeous attires. It is not always necessary for a Westerner to wear something specific to an Asian wedding unless stated explicitly. However, most Westerners like to be involved and integrate with Asian cultures at a wedding, and may want to wear one of the following Indian wedding dresses:

  • Churidar suits– These are straightforward outfits where ‘churidar’ is the name given to tight-fitting trousers which gather together near the ankles. The excess length is visible in the form of folds here.
  • Sarees– It is the quintessential piece of women’s clothing which is visible around the world. This iconic piece of fashion is normally worn with a cropped top which is known as choli. Every woman who adorns a saree looks elegant and graceful.
  • Trouser suits– This is fairly similar to a churidar, whereby you will see slim trousers paired with tunics, kameez (dress style), or mini dresses. It is worn with a dupatta.
Clothes at the Wedding

Couples today participate in photography events known as “Pre-wedding shoots”. These shoots aim to get a couple into a romantic mood that eventually builds up towards the wedding. The pandemic may lead couples to come up with unique ceremonies, which will again present opportunities for the photographers.

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