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Qualities of an Asian Wedding Photographer

4 Qualities of an Asian Wedding Photographer

If your partner recently proposed to you and you are getting married soon, you must be so happy! A wedding is a big affair, and if you are someone who is planning a big fat wedding, it must be quite a task. Planning a wedding needs lots of time and patience! First, shortlist all the things you require for a wedding. Start with the wedding venue, making a guest list, finalizing invitation cards and looking for an Asian wedding photographer. If you are getting married in the Asian style, there is bound to be endless ceremonies, lots of guests, a colourful venue and delicious food. You need a very good photographer who can capture all of that and knows how Asian weddings work. There’s nothing more important in your life and should be captured the right way. If you don’t take efforts to find the right photographer, don’t expect good coverage. A skilled wedding photographer should be interviewed first, asked for previous work and then chosen.

Looking for an Asian Wedding Photographer

Even if you are unaware of the technicalities that go behind photography, you must be ready with your list of requirements. For example, if you need an underwater pre-wedding photoshoot, you must ask the photographer if he can do it for you. Then, if you want a candid video for your wedding, ask for relevant samples from the photographer and inquire if he has done it before. It’s essential to have a comprehensive wedding photography checklist to ensure all your desired shots are captured. Wedding pictures are memories for a lifetime and whoever takes responsibility for it should do a good job. But, there are many competitive photographers out there! How do you make sure that you choose the best? There are many ways to do so. You could browse the internet or ask your friends, interview the photographer, and then come to a conclusion.

Must have Experience

If you want an Asian wedding photographer, you must first ask for a relevant sample. If he has not shot an Asian wedding before, it could get difficult for him to understand the whole wedding. But, if he has gone the experience and is willing to shoot your wedding, you could try him out. But, a wedding photographer must know the essence of covering an Asian wedding. He must know how colours play a role at weddings, the importance of ceremonies and how the entire family of the bride and groom is equally important. You must ask him to share his experience at different weddings and how he manages to cover it. Well experienced photographers are reflected from the way they talk and give you the confidence.

Must Have Experience

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Must have the Knowledge

A wedding photographer must possess the skills and knowledge of shooting a wedding. He must understand what pictures will look best in which lighting and study the venue in advance. He must have a theme in mind and how is he going to click the pictures at the wedding. He must be open to ideas and share him as well. When you interview him, you come to know whether he is bluffing or actually has the knowledge. He should have an answer to all your questions and also be able to share his technical knowledge with you. If he has studied from a photography school, he must be able to produce his certificate as well. It is just an added credibility to his work and overall knowledge.

Must Have the Knowledge

Must have Good Communication Skills

The photographer should be a friendly person and must be approachable by other guests at the wedding. He should not be rude or egoistic and make you or the guests uncomfortable. You will be posing with your partner, and therefore, the photographer should understand your chemistry and try to make you very comfortable if he is on his own and doesn’t know which ceremony is going on where he must ask around and get his job done. A friendly photographer is everyone’s favourite as the guests would also like to get their pictures clicked. He must also be very punctual and adhere to the timings of the wedding. A wedding photographer’s personality will reflect when you interview him. Make a comprehensive list of your observations and then come to a conclusion.

Must Have Good Communication Skills

Must have Good Post-Processing Skills

Wedding photography doesn’t mean owning the best piece of equipment and shooting pictures. After the shooting, he must be able to post-process the pictures and make them according to your preference and requirements. For example, if some of your pictures are underexposed, he should be able to make them perfect. He should also be able to process and edit the video to make it into a piece of art. He must have knowledge of the software and try to give you the pictures and videos as early as possible. His entire team should be able to work on this and produce the best results for you.

Must Have Good Post Processing Skills

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