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Asian Wedding Stage Hire London

Asian Wedding Stage Hire in London

London’s vibrant multicultural landscape brings a rich tapestry of traditions, and Asian weddings are no exception. In planning your Asian weddings, these stage hire parts are also crucial, As they are not just platforms; they are the focal point of your wedding celebrations, setting the stage for unforgettable moments and timeless memories.

From traditional mandaps to contemporary designs, London offers a diverse array of options to suit every couple’s taste and style. Join us as we delve into the allure of Asian wedding stages in London, the types available, pricing considerations, and the top providers to turn your vision into reality.

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Types of Asian Wedding Stages Available in London

London’s bustling Asian wedding scene boasts a rich tapestry of stage options, catering to diverse tastes and budgets. Whether you yearn for a deeply traditional setting imbued with cultural symbolism or envision a contemporary twist on age-old customs, you will find the perfect stage to set the scene for your dream celebration. Let us delve into the alluring world of Asian wedding stages available in London:


The cornerstone of many Asian wedding ceremonies, the mandap holds immense significance. These four-pillar structures, often crafted from wood or metal, serve as a sacred space for the union of two souls.

Traditionally adorned with intricate carvings, vibrant fabrics, and auspicious symbols, mandaps create an atmosphere of reverence and cultural authenticity. Explore options ranging from ornate designs echoing Mughal architecture to simpler, elegant structures adorned with fresh flowers.

Asian Wedding Stage Hire London | Mandaps

Modern Stages:

For couples seeking a more contemporary interpretation of tradition, modern stages offer a refreshing option. Imagine sleek lines, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative materials like acrylic or metal seamlessly blending with traditional elements.

Consider stages bathed in soft, warm lighting, adorned with contemporary floral arrangements, or featuring unique geometric patterns. These modern takes on the classic stage cater for those who cherish cultural heritage while embracing a touch of avant-garde flair.

Asian Wedding Stage Hire London | Modren Stages

Themed Stages:

Let your imagination soar with themed stages! Whether you dream of recreating the glitz and glamour of Bollywood or envision a whimsical fairytale garden setting, themed stages allow you to personalise your ceremony with unique elements that reflect your love story and cultural heritage.

From vibrant colours and motifs reflecting specific regions to captivating props and backdrops, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity and craft a stage that becomes a cherished memory, not just for you and your partner, but for all your guests.

Asian Wedding Stage Hire London | Themed Stages


No stage is complete without a captivating backdrop. Elevate your chosen style with stunning backdrops that complement your overall theme. Explore intricate designs featuring cultural motifs, lush floral arrangements cascading down the stage, or even dramatic digital projections that create a truly immersive experience.

Backdrops serve as the final flourish, tying the entire stage design together and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Asian Wedding Stage Hire London | Backdrops

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Exploring Asian Wedding Stage Hire Prices in London

Planning your London Asian wedding? The stage, a centrepiece of your celebration, plays a crucial role in setting the tone and ambience. But navigating the world of stage hire prices can feel daunting. Worry not! This guide will shed light on the factors influencing costs and give you a general understanding of what to expect:

Factors Affect the price spectrum:

Asian wedding stage hire in London varies depending on several key factors:

  • Stage Size and Complexity: Naturally, larger and more intricate stages with multiple levels or extensive backdrops command higher prices. Opting for a simple platform offers a budget-friendly starting point, while elaborate mandaps with ornate carvings and rich fabrics elevate the price tag.
  • Decoration Level: The extent of décor significantly impacts cost. Consider the level of embellishment—from basic draping to intricate floral arrangements and lighting installations. Remember, every flourish adds to the overall price.
  • Rental Duration: The rental period plays a role, with longer durations incurring higher charges. Discuss your specific requirements with stage hire companies to optimize pricing based on your desired timeframe.

Navigating the Cost Range:

Here’s a general overview of prices you might encounter:

  • Simple Stages: Starting from £500, these offer basic platforms with limited decoration, suitable for budget-conscious couples or intimate ceremonies.
  • Traditional Mandap Structures: Expect a range of £800 to £2,000 for these elaborate structures. The price varies based on size, artisan ship, and intricacy of design.
  • Themed Stages: This category encompasses a vast spectrum, with prices dependent on the theme’s complexity and level of customization. Bespoke designs with intricate props and elaborate backdrops naturally command a premium.

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Top Providers for Asian Wedding Stage Hire in London

Finding the perfect stage partner is crucial for a seamless and stress-free experience. Here are some of London’s leading providers, renowned for their expertise and exquisite designs:

Kenza Creations:

Kenza Creations specialises in bespoke Asian wedding stage hire in London. From traditional mandaps to contemporary stages, they offer a range of options to suit your vision.

Their experienced team provides meticulous planning and personalized service, ensuring your stage reflects your unique style. They even offer a “bespoke design” service to create a truly one-of-a-kind focal point for your special day.

Phone: +44 (0)20 7511 3398 

E-mail: info@kenzacreations.co.uk

Address: 2 North Cres, London E16 4TG, United Kingdom

Asian Wedding Stage Hire London | Kenza Creations

1SW Events:

1SW Events offers a wide range of Asian wedding stage hire services in London, catering to various functions like Nikkahs, Walimas, Receptions, and Mehndis. They boast a vast collection of over 500 stage designs, from classic Mandaps to modern fairy tale themes, and their expert team ensures every element complements your vision.

Their highlighted feature is their commitment to complete customization—they never replicate the same stage twice, ensuring your wedding has a unique and personalized touch.

Phone: 0203 468 9394

E-mail: info@1swevents.com

Address: Unit 53-55 Barking Industrial Park Alfred’s Way, Barking, Essex, IG11 0TJ

Asian Wedding Stage Hire London | 1SW Events

Mr. Mandap:

Mr. Mandap is a London-based Asian wedding decorator offering a comprehensive range of services, including mandap hire, stage setup, marquees, and wedding décor. Their highlighted feature is their personalized approach—they work closely with couples to understand their preferences and create a unique and bespoke wedding experience.

They cater to various themes, from traditional Rajasthani to modern chic, and handle all aspects of the mandap setup, including lighting, flower arrangements, and backdrops. They also offer marquee hire for events like Sangeet nights and can manage the entire wedding decoration process, ensuring a stress-free experience for couples.

Phone: 07958 561 572

E-mail: info@mrmandap.co.uk

Address: 4 Eskdale Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2RT

Asian Wedding Stage Hire London | Mr. Mandap

Taj Wedding Services:

Taj Wedding Services provides a variety of Asian wedding services across the UK, including London. Their highlighted feature is customisable wedding stages and backdrops to match your theme and budget. They offer a wide selection of designs for stages, backdrops, lighting, furniture, and décor, ensuring a cohesive and stunning look for your event.

They also cater to Mehndi and engagement ceremonies, and their services include marquee hire, venue draping, and table & chair setup. While their website showcases a range of designs, they recommend contacting them for more options and to discuss your specific requirements.

Phone: 07977 512 974

E-mail: info@tajweddings.co.uk

Address: 103 Ruislip Rd, London, Greenford UB6 9QQ, United Kingdom

Asian Wedding Stage Hire London | Taj Wedding Services

Essential Considerations for Choosing Your Asian Wedding Stage Hire

  • Venue compatibility: Ensure the stage dimensions and design align with your chosen venue’s space and restrictions.
  • Budget: Set a realistic budget and discuss pricing options with potential providers, including setup, dismantling, and any additional services.
  • Theme and style: Choose a stage that complements your overall wedding theme and reflects your taste.
  • Guest capacity: Ensure the stage size can comfortably accommodate your expected guests.
  • Additional services: Inquire about add-on services like lighting, sound systems, and floral arrangements offered by the provider.


As your London Asian wedding day draws near, imagine the laughter, vibrant colours, and joy that will fill the air. Picture the ceremony unfolding on a breathtaking stage, transporting you and your guests to a world of magic. From classic mandaps to modern marvels, London offers a treasure trove of options to suit your dreams.

Remember, your stage is more than just décor; it’s the heart of your celebration, setting the scene for cherished memories. So, embrace the planning journey, explore the possibilities, and choose a stage that reflects your love story and heritage. With careful planning and this guide, your dream London Asian wedding awaits, ready to blossom into an unforgettable reality. Cheerio!

Frequently Asked Question

It’s advisable to book your wedding stage well in advance to secure your preferred date and design. Start exploring options and contacting providers as soon as your wedding date is confirmed.

Yes, many stage hire providers in London offer customization options to tailor the design to your preferences. You can choose elements like colours, fabrics, and decorations to match your wedding theme.

You can work with the provider to incorporate specific elements, colours, symbols, and motifs that are significant to your cultural heritage. Whether you’re looking for traditional designs, modern interpretations, or a fusion of both, customization allows you to create a stage that beautifully showcases your cultural identity and adds a personal touch to your wedding celebrations.

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