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Sikh Wedding Cards

A Guide to Sikh Wedding Cards: Celebrate Your Union with Elegance

Sikh weddings, also referred to as Anand Karaj ceremonies, are lively celebrations of love and unity. Sikh wedding cards UK play a vital role in establishing the atmosphere for this joyous occasion and also the most crucial part in planning Sikh wedding.

This guide explores the essential components, contemporary adaptations and top Sikh wedding card providers in London enabling to design Sikh wedding invitations that are not only visually appealing but also culturally significant.

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Design Elements of Sikh Wedding Cards

Sikh wedding cards are more than just invitations; they are artistic representations of a couple’s love story, steeped in cultural traditions and vibrant symbolism.
These are the crucial elements of design for your Sikh Wedding Cards;


Embrace the vibrant spirit of Sikh wedding cards with colours like red, orange, and yellow, symbolising joy, prosperity, and new beginnings.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Color

Religious Symbols:

The “Ek Onkar” symbol, representing the oneness of God, is often a prominent feature on Sikh wedding cards. Other elements like the “Khanda” (double-edged sword) or floral motifs can also be incorporated.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Onkar

Formal Wording:

Maintain a respectful and formal tone throughout the wording in Sikh wedding cards, while adding a personal touch with a message from the couple or a short love story.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Formal Wording

Respectful Representation:

Include the full names of the bride and groom in Sikh wedding cards, traditionally with the suffixes “Kaur” and “Singh”.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Respectful Representation

Guest Information:

Provide details about dress code (respecting cultural norms by covering shoulders and knees), the significance of head covering within the Gurdwara, and any other relevant information for guests unfamiliar with Sikh wedding traditions in your Sikh wedding cards.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Guest Information

Multilingual Expression:

While English is commonly used, consider incorporating Punjabi text for a cultural touch. Ensure accurate translation and avoid informal language in your Sikh wedding cards.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Multilingual Expression

Modern Designs:

Explore modern Sikh wedding cards that combine traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics, striking a balance between heritage and individuality.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Modern Design

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London’s Best Sikh Wedding Card Providers

Nila Cards:

Nila Cards, based in London, offers a unique collection of modern Sikh wedding invitations in the UK. They cater to customisation, allowing you to personalise your invitations with colours, designs, logos, initials, and even Sikh wedding guru symbols and slogans.

Their focus is on providing high-quality cards, timely delivery, and ultimate customer satisfaction. Additionally, they boast a showroom showcasing not only traditional but also modern and contemporary wedding card designs.

Phone: +44 78 1471 6163 | +44 79 7182 3838

E-mail: dashy@nilaproductions.co.uk

Address: 408 Alexandra Ave, Rayners Lane, Harrow HA2 9TR, United Kingdom.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Nila Cards

Ananya Cards:

Ananya Cards, based in London, offers bespoke Sikh wedding invitations and stationery. They understand the significance of incorporating religious symbols and traditional verses into your wedding suite, while also allowing for personalization and modern design elements.

Their services encompass the entire wedding journey, from pre-wedding ceremonies to the reception, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look.They provide bespoke design service that reflects your unique style and cultural background.

Phone: +44 (0)20 7242 1877

E-mail: info@ananyacards.com

Address: 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, Marylebone, London W1W 7LT, England.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Ananya Cards

Elegant Cards:

Elegant Cards, located in London, offers a wide variety of wedding cards, including Sikh wedding cards, catering to Indian weddings and various religious backgrounds. They boast a large collection of designs, including traditional and contemporary styles, allowing for personalisation with inserts and artwork.

Their services encompass design, manufacturing, and printing using high-quality materials and advanced technology. Also they have a large collection of wedding cards, including Sikh wedding cards, with options for personalisation.

Phone: 020 8911 6326

E-mail: info@elegantcards.co.uk

Address: Ilford, London, United Kingdom.

Sikh Wedding Cards | Elegant Cards

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Cardeva, located in London, offers bespoke and ready-made wedding invitations, including Sikh wedding cards. They specialise in creating luxurious and personalised invitations that reflect your unique style and vision.

Their services encompass design, consultation, and printing, ensuring a smooth and collaborative process.They have bespoke invitations with step-by-step guidance and customization options.

Phone: 07585 633 773

E-mail: contact@cardeva.co.uk

Address: South Woodford London E18 2HP

Sikh Wedding Cards | Cardeva

Special Shaadi Cards:

Special Shaadi Cards, based in London, offers a wide range of wedding invitations, including Sikh wedding cards, featuring various religious symbols. They cater to diverse styles and budgets, offering customization options to personalise your stationery exactly to your specifications.

They also provide additional inserts, envelopes, and various printing techniques like embossing and laser cutting. Also provide customization and same-day service for urgent orders.

Phone: 020 8586 1000

E-mail: sales@specialshaadicards.com

Address: Unit 8, 50-54 Farnham Road, Ilford IG3 8QD

Sikh Wedding Cards | Special Shaadi Cards


Planning a Sikh wedding in London can be a truly enriching experience, filled with vibrant colours, rich traditions, and boundless joy. From incorporating cultural elements into your Sikh wedding invitation cards to capturing the essence of the ceremony, there are numerous details to consider.

This guide has equipped you with valuable insights into designing meaningful Sikh wedding cards and introduced you to renowned London-based vendors who can assist you in creating a truly unforgettable celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most vendors can accommodate printing in various languages, including Punjabi, Hindi, and English. You might need to provide the text in a specific format, like a word document.

This can vary depending on the vendor, but it’s commonly around 100 cards, with additional orders in multiples of 50.

Allow at least 15 days for printing and dispatch after finalising the proofs.

Online ordering of samples might not be available, but some vendors might offer them upon request through email.

Look for designs incorporating elements like the “Ik Onkar” symbol, floral patterns, and rich colours like gold, red, and green.

Yes, most vendors allow customization of the wording within specific guidelines. You can include details like the Anand Karaj ceremony time, reception information, and any religious verses you wish to share.

Similar to Hindu wedding cards, you can use titles like “Sardar” for men and “Sardarni” for women before married couples’ names. For unmarried individuals, “Singh” or “Kaur” can be used after their name.

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