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Helping Your Guests Understand What an Indian Wedding Is All About

So, you are arranging your wedding and you want to get your guest list together and your invites sent out. That’s fine, after all, it is part and parcel of your wedding arrangements. While most of your family and friends might have already attended an Indian wedding, there are many of those who have not. As a result, there is every possibility that they will be unsure as to what happens and what they should wear and this is where you can help.

Attending a wedding from a different culture for the first time can be daunting but it is up to you to make it clear what it is all about and that it is nothing for them to be concerned about. Your three-day ceremony is one to be cherished by all and that means that you should want every guest to feel at ease. Therefore, take the time to explain what the reception will be like, what they should wear and even what they can choose to eat.

Helping Them to Choose What to Wear

It can be a challenge to choose what to wear to an Indian wedding, especially when your guests might not have attended one before. However, you should make sure that they know that this is a celebration and that the brighter the outfits, the better. Bold colours such as red, yellow and orange are almost a must but they also add so much vibrancy to your photographs. What’s more, if you tell them what they should wear, it will make it more of an inclusive experience for them too, helping them to feel a part of the experience.

Helping them to choose what to wear

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Explain That They Don’t Need to Attend For the Full Duration

So, your guests might also know that an Indian wedding is different to that of other weddings. Whereas many weddings last just one day, an Indian wedding can last for several days, with the average duration being three days. However, your guests might be panicking and wondering whether they are expected to attend for the whole duration of your celebration but this is your chance to put their mind at ease. So, make it clear what part of the celebration they are invited to and help them to plan their diary accordingly.

Explain that they don’t need to attend for the full duration

Inform Them of What to Expect at the Reception

The reception is the part where the fun begins and people can let their hair down but they might not know this. Therefore, explain to them that there is plenty of dancing such as the bhangra and tell them that the experience will stay with them for a very long time. Also, tell them that they don’t need to worry about not being able to dance but instead, encourage them to enjoy the moment with you. However, tell them that there is also likely to be a mixture of music which means that they too, will have music they can enjoy.

Inform them of what to expect at the reception

Let Them Know What The Food Situation is

At any wedding, the food is a big thing but given that this might be a new experience for them, they might wonder what happens with the food and whether there will be anything to eat. Let them know that there will be plenty of choice and that it is not all spicy food that they might not be able to tolerate. The choice of food is your preference but tell them what they can expect such as different curries, pakoras or naan bread. There might be sweet treats that will hit the spot too, so give them as much information as they need and tell them they are in for a feast like no other!

Let them know what the food situation is

What About a Gift?

Inviting guests to their first Indian wedding is also going to cause them a problem when it comes to choosing and purchasing a gift. However, as you are aware, it is common for gifts to be shipped to your home instead of being boxed and presented to you on your day. Of course, if you already have a home and have everything that you could want then you could ask for a donation of money if your guest feels as though they have to give you something. Despite this, make sure they are aware of what they need to do if they are going to purchase a gift because they are not going to want to arrive holding their gift, only to find that they are the only ones who were unaware of the arrangements.

Capture the special moment

The truth is, that gift-giving is a great part of the wedding process and is perfect when captured on camera. Therefore, if your guests do bring a small token gesture of a donation in an envelope then we are ready to capture that special moment between you and your guests. We do it in a way that ensures we don’t intrude on the moment but we capture as naturally as possible without asking you to pose for photo after photo. However, if you have specific ideas about what you want to capture then it is always worth chatting to us about your big day and what you want.

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Choosing Bridesmaids

Your wedding is likely to be one of the biggest events of your life and you are going to want to share that with special people. It is a day that comes with both personal and cultural significance and so, you are going to want to spend it with people who mean something to you. Therefore, choosing your bridesmaids can prove a challenge because most of the time, you want to avoid offending people. Despite this, it is important that you pick the right people and this could include those who have never attended an Indian wedding before. You want bridesmaids who are going to let you take centre stage and help you along the way. Therefore, if it is their first time at an Indian wedding, explain to them what happens, what to expect and what they need to do. This will not only give them peace of mind but it will ensure that you know that things are going to go as well as possible for you.

Choosing bridesmaids

It is important to remember that being a bridesmaid comes with expectations and responsibilities and some of your guests might not be aware of what they are in this situation. Therefore, your maid of honour needs to be aware of how they are your go-to for all things wedding-related. They can help you to arrange the celebrations before and during the wedding day. As a result, when you make your choice, you are going to need to inform them of what they need to do. What this means is that you should ensure that you choose someone loyal and committed. You need someone who is going to take it seriously and someone who you can rely on.

How Do You Choose Your Guests?

So, now that you know how to prepare your guests for your big day, you are going to need to think about your guest list. This will require you to speak with your partner to put together a list that works for you both. You have to consider your bridesmaids and who will work best and more importantly, fulfil the role in a way that works for you. Your partner might have their suggestions so it is important to listen and talk to them about it all. In some ways, you might have to compromise but that is not unusual when it comes to arranging a wedding.

How do you choose your guests

Think About Potential Problems

Your bridesmaids are going to have to give up a lot of their time to help your big day go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, it can help to think about their circumstances as that can help you determine whether they are right for the role. They might have family commitments or they might live on the other side of the world. However, through all of this, you have to think realistically about what you expect as this will help you to avoid disappointment.

About potential problems

Now, once you have chosen your bridesmaid, you get to do the best part which is to ask them if they will do you the honour. You can do this in many different ways and that means that you can do it formally or you can phone them to ask them or even arrange to meet up with them. Of course, you should always be prepared for them to say no and if they do, there is no need to take offence. This is because they are helping you. After all, this will tell you that they are not up to the task. Once your bridesmaids are all set, the next crucial step is selecting the perfect team to capture every cherished moment of your special day. That’s where Royal Bindi’s exceptional Asian wedding photography and videography services come in. Entrust us to immortalise your memories, ensuring they last a lifetime in stunning clarity and elegance.

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