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Sikh Wedding Lehenga

Finding Your Dream Sikh Wedding Lehenga in London

Sikh weddings, also known as Anand Karaj, are not just a union between two individuals but a sacred bond between two souls. Sikh weddings celebrate love, family, and heritage. And the best way to embody your cultural essence is through the vibrant beauty of a Sikh wedding lehenga.

This blog post is your guide to navigating the world of Sikh bridal lehengas in London, from classic designs to the best lehenga providers in London. As Royal Bindi, experts in Sikh wedding photography and videography, we truly understand the significance of capturing cherished moments through the lens of the camera.

Top 5 Sikh Wedding Lehenga Styles to Shine

Whether you seek the timeless elegance of intricate embroidery or the contemporary flair of fusion designs, discover the perfect Sikh wedding lehenga to illuminate your unique personality and cultural celebration on your most cherished day. Here are the top 5 styles for Sikh wedding lehenga.

Traditional Embroidered Wedding Lehenga:

Traditional embroidered lehengas are renowned for their intricate gold or silver thread embroidery, featuring motifs inspired by nature, cultural symbols, or geometric patterns. These vibrant and luxurious outfits, often made of silk or velvet, are meticulously crafted and paired with traditional Kundan or Polki jewellery, making them a popular choice among Sikh brides for their classic and elegant bridal appearance.

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Traditional Embroidered

Banarasi Silk Wedding Lehenga:

Banarasi silk lehengas are famed for their rich texture and intricate brocade weaving, radiating opulence with patterns woven in gold or silver zari threads. These lehengas, often in bold colours like royal blue or deep magenta, are complemented by traditional gold jewellery, creating a luxurious bridal look for those seeking a statement ensemble on their wedding day.

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Banarasi

Contemporary Fusion Wedding Lehenga:

Fusion lehengas combine traditional and modern styles, popular among fashion-forward brides. Featuring contemporary cuts, innovative embellishments, and light fabrics like georgette or chiffon, these lehengas offer a range of colours to suit diverse preferences. Paired with statement jewellery and modern hair accessories, they create a trendy bridal look for brides seeking a fashionable statement on their special day.

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Contemporary Fusion

Velvet Wedding Lehenga:

Velvet lehengas epitomise luxury and elegance, with rich colours and a plush texture. Adorned with intricate zari work, sequins, or stones, they add opulence to bridal attire. Featuring deep jewel-toned hues like ruby red or emerald green, velvet lehengas are often paired with statement Polki or Kundan jewellery for a regal touch. Ideal for winter weddings or evening events, these lehengas ensure the bride stands out with their lavish and sophisticated charm.

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Velvet

Anarkali Wedding Lehenga:

The Anarkali lehenga blends the Anarkali suit’s flowing silhouette with the lehenga skirt’s voluminous flare, offering a unique and flattering bridal look. Crafted from georgette or chiffon for the top and silk or net for the skirt, these outfits often feature soft pastel shades like blush pink or mint green, creating a romantic vibe. Paired with delicate jewellery like jhumkas and a maang tikka, this style is perfect for brides seeking timeless elegance and comfort on their wedding day.

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Anarkali

Sikh Wedding Lehenga Ideas

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Top 5 Sikh Wedding Lehenga Providers in London


Monga‘s, a family-run fashion house established in 1996, offers exquisite Sikh bridal lehengas in London. Known for bespoke services and quick turnaround times, they bring your vision to life with skilled artisans and premium materials. With over 740 artisans in India, Monga’s ensures attention to detail, creating heirloom-quality wedding lehengas. With new stores opening in Green Street and New Delhi, Monga’s aims to be your go-to for an unforgettable bridal experience, turning your dream lehenga into reality.

Phone: 020 8574 4863 | 020 8843 0111
E-mail: customercare@mongas.co.uk
Address: 60-66, The Broadway, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 1QB

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Monga

BIBI London:

BIBI London, a prestigious bridal boutique in London, provides a comprehensive wedding experience beyond exquisite lehengas. Through their Inside BIBI Concierge service led by Luxury Wedding Director Anisha Vasani, they aim to simplify Sikh wedding planning, especially in finding the perfect Sikh wedding lehenga. With a network of trusted suppliers known as “BIBI Friends,” they assist in realising your vision or offering guidance, catering to various budgets and styles. Their bespoke services ensure a unique and stress-free wedding journey.

Phone: +44(0)7588 999111
E-mail: concierge@insidebibi.com | anisha@insidebibi.com
Address: 57 Nags Head Lane, Brentwood, Essex | CM14 5NL

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | BIBI London

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Estie Couture:

Estie Couture boutique in Staines, London, specialises in Indian couture bridal wear, bringing the finest Sikh wedding lehengas from renowned Indian designers to the UK. They offer a curated selection for brides to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of Indian couture locally. Providing online browsing and private appointments at their boutique, Estie Couture ensures a convenient and personalized experience for brides searching for their dream wedding lehenga.

Phone: +44 7444 644029
E-mail: Store@estiecouture.com
Address: 10–12 High Street, Staines, United Kingdom TW18 4EE

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Estie Couture


O’nitaa, established in London in 2009, offers a unique blend of traditional and modern Sikh wedding lehengas. They curate designs that honour Indian heritage with global influences, providing one-of-a-kind options for brides. Whether seeking classic elegance or a contemporary look, their made-to-measure choices cater for diverse styles. With a focus on quality and creative expression, O’nitaa aims to capture each bride’s essence, offering personalized styling consultations to find the perfect dream lehenga.

Phone: +44(0)7807751166
E-mail: sale@onitaa.co.uk
Address: London, United Kingdom

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Onitaa

Charmi Creations:

Charmi Creations, a high-end boutique in North West London, specialises in crafting personalized Sikh wedding lehengas. They offer made-to-measure services, prioritising one-on-one consultations to understand each bride’s unique style and vision. Beyond traditional lehengas, they provide fusion gowns and modern interpretations for brides seeking vintage glamour. Using premium silks and intricate embellishments, Charmi Creations ensures a luxurious and unforgettable experience, establishing itself as a trusted name in the Asian wedding industry.

Phone: 44 (0) 7714 038469
E-mail: info@charmicreations.com
Address: Pooh Corner, Sandy Lane Northwood, HA6 3HB London, UK

Sikh Wedding Lehenga | Charmi Creations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Red and pink are traditional choices, symbolising joy and good luck. But modern brides love experimenting with colours like yellow, green, orange, and even pastels to show off their personality while still respecting cultural meaning.

Silk, velvet, and satin are classic choices for their richness and flow. Lighter fabrics like georgette and net are also popular for summer weddings.

Traditionally, brides wear a dupatta, often covering their head as a sign of respect during the Anand Karaj ceremony. However, it is your choice! Some brides drape it gracefully on their shoulders or skip it altogether for comfort.

While there are no strict rules, modesty is important. Avoid overly revealing cuts or fabrics. Also, black and white usually are not worn as they have different cultural meanings.

Sikh brides often wear a Choora (set of bangles), Kalgi (head ornament), Tikka (forehead ornament), Nath (nose ring), and earrings, each with special cultural significance. Also, check out our guide to Sikh wedding Bridal Attire and Jewellery for more information.

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