There are a lot of things to consider, think about, and budget for, when it comes to weddings. Especially traditional weddings because they include various cultural activities and diverse rituals. Moreover, the list will seem endless, and without you knowing where to start. Yet, during wedding planning, there are a few things which should be on the top of your list, and your priority.

Wedding photography should be the starting-point while planning a wedding because nothing is more important than wedding photography except for a couple. And it becomes more crucial if it is Asian wedding photography as there would be more things or traditions to capture. But why is wedding photography this important? Because it will capture your day, and will tell a beautiful story through the years of your big and special day. It will capture certain memories which you will be able to share with your loved ones, family and friends for many coming years.

Eventually, from flowers to dress, everything will lose its importance, except for the memories you made that day, so your priority should be the wedding, and wedding photography.

The following are the points which will help you in choosing your wedding photographer easily:

  1. Do not Let Price Fool You

While choosing your wedding photographer, it is important you do research and don’t just choose them based on value and several offers they are providing, such as the photographer that includes a free engagement shoot, printed album, online gallery, USB pen, photo frames and printed t-shirts just because of the extra bits, because ultimately they are secondary to the photos that will be captured. So, it is so important you find and hire a photographer that you genuinely like because offers and gifts could be deceiving but not the photography.

If their work matches your style, what you consider good photography, and you know that you can trust them, then hiring them would make things easier for the big day, and you will get better and more natural photos as well. 

  1. Do Not Comprise 

It is common to feel overwhelmed during your wedding planning because there are a million things to think about, and a thousand items on the list, which seem endless and with this comes the point where you let certain things go or adjust. For instance, you may be looking at lots of photographers and struggling to find the time to meet up with them to view their work and see how you get on. It is important not to choose a photographer just because it is taking some time and seems like an endless task, take your time and ensure you not only find a wedding photographer’s work that matches with your idea, but also the photographer. 

As wedding photographers love what they do, they have a passion for the industry and a passion as well as experience of capturing beautiful weddings, which makes them to relate and understand the importance of your wedding day. You just need to make sure that you find the right photographer for the wedding, one that matches your style and one that you can trust.

  1. Go Through Their Portfolio 

Whether you see a wedding photographer on their personal site or through some agency, you will come across various photos, a range of beautiful photos, which will definitely catch your eye. So, that is why portfolios play an important part in choosing the right photographer, because it will decide that does the photographer’s work matches your style or not. Also, portfolio will give you surety that the particular photographer will tell your stories in a beautiful manner through the photos.

Additionally, when viewing photographers’ work, make sure you see full and completed albums, this maybe online or a hard copy, as you would want to ensure that all photos are wonderful, and of good quality throughout (not just one or two good pictures).

So, it is important to choose your wedding photographer by following all the above-mentioned points, because a good photographer can take great photos, but a wedding photographer makes sure to tell a story through beautiful photos.

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