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Asian Wedding Horse London

Asian Wedding Horses in London: Adding Grandeur to Your Celebration

Celebrate your special day with elegance and tradition by incorporating Asian wedding horses into your London wedding festivities. Among these, the presence of majestic horses adorned in traditional finery holds a special place, adding an aura of grandeur and spectacle to the celebration.

Whether you opt for a beautifully adorned white mare or a strikingly decorated stallion signifies the rich heritage of Asian wedding cultures. Join us as we explore the significance of Asian wedding horses in London and discover where to find these magnificent horses for your celebration.

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The Importance of Asian Wedding Horses in London

Enriching your London Asian wedding with a majestic horse for the groom’s baraat procession isn’t just a visual spectacle; it’s a way to weave tradition, grandeur, and unforgettable memories into the very fabric of your celebration. Here’s why choosing an Asian wedding horse in London can elevate your special day:

  • Cultural Significance: The horse holds deep cultural meaning in many Asian traditions. It symbolises strength, nobility, and prosperity, reflecting the groom’s journey into a new life and commitment to his bride. Adding this element to your ceremony imbues it with authenticity and connects your celebration to your heritage.
  • Unforgettable Entrance: Forget a standard car arrival. Imagine the groom making a grand entrance atop a beautifully adorned horse, accompanied by vibrant dhol beats and cheering loved ones. This creates a moment etched in everyone’s memory, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.
  • Photographic Opportunity: The visual impact of a horse-led baraat is undeniable. Imagine capturing stunning photos and videos of the procession, with the horse in its regal attire, the vibrant colours of the baraat, and the joy on everyone’s faces. These will be cherished keepsakes you will treasure for years to come. Royal Bindi would help you here.
  • Unique Experience: Hiring an Asian wedding horse is not just about the visuals; it is about creating a unique and immersive experience for everyone involved. The groom gets to feel the thrill of riding a majestic creature, while the family and guests relish the lively atmosphere and cultural vibrancy. It is a moment that transcends the ordinary and becomes truly special.
The Importance of Asian Wedding Horses in London

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Where to Find Asian Wedding Horses in London

Several reputable companies offer Asian wedding horse hire in London. These companies understand the importance of this tradition and provide well-trained horses, experienced handlers, and beautiful decorations. Some top Asian wedding horse service providers are listed below:

The Ostler:

The Ostler, renowned as the UK’s leading provider of Asian wedding horses and carriages, offers London clients a dream combination of grandeur and tradition. Their extensive selection of white horses, trained specifically for baraat processions, and 11 elegant white carriages in various styles, cater to diverse preferences.

Whether you envision a grand groom’s arrival on horseback or a romantic carriage departure, The Ostler’s expertise in Asian wedding customs and personalised packages ensure a truly unforgettable experience.

Phone: 07411 176945

E-mail: info@horseandcarriagehire.co.uk

Address: London, United Kingdom

Asian Wedding Horses London | The Ostler

My Wedding Entrance:

My Wedding Entrance offers white wedding horse hire for grooms’ processions in London and other UK cities. Their horses are adorned with traditional red and gold decorations and accompanied by a band Baja for a truly memorable entrance. They also boast a variety of other entrance options, including dolis, palki, flower canopies, tuk tuks, bicycle rickshaws, horse-drawn carriages, and decorative mehndi umbrellas for bridesmaids.

With over 10 years of experience and features in leading Asian wedding magazines, they guarantee a stunning and culturally appropriate entrance for your special day.

Phone: +442036640720

E-mail: info@myweddingentrance.com

Address: London, United Kingdom

Asian Wedding Horses London | My Wedding Entrance

Asian Wedding Toastmasters:

Asian Wedding Toastmasters offers a comprehensive range of Asian wedding horse and carriage services in London and across the UK. They provide white horses, traditionally adorned for baraat ceremonies, along with horse-drawn carriages like Cinderella and Landau options.

Their services cater to various Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim weddings, including special occasions like Jago ceremonies. They also offer additional services like dhol drummers, band baja, and luxury car rentals.

Phone: 07967 300834

E-mail: jonathan@thecompletetoastmaster.co.uk

Address: London, United Kingdom

Asian Wedding Horses London | Asian Wedding Toast Master

TW Carriages:

Tim Wood Carriages offers white horse and carriage hire for Asian weddings in London. They provide a traditional Baraat experience with a beautifully adorned white horse, complete with ghungroo, morki, and matching umbrellas. The horse is available for a 1.5-hour time slot and can be viewed beforehand upon request.

Additionally, they offer horse-drawn carriages for the post-wedding Vidai ceremony. Highly experienced and qualified drivers with the highest Commercial Driving Certificate (Level 5) in the UK, ensuring a safe and professional experience.

Phone: 07956 924587

E-mail: woodtg@aol.com

Address: 3 Glencorse Green Watford WD19 6ER United Kingdom

Asian Wedding Horses London | TW Carriages

Ascot Carriages:

Ascot Carriages provides white and black horses for Asian wedding processions in London and the South of England. Their horses are experienced with dhol players and brass bands, ensuring a smooth and lively Baraat. Whether you prefer a traditional red and gold costume or a plain look, your chosen horse will be presented beautifully and led by a qualified handler.

They also offer a unique service of pre-wedding “trial rides” for the groom, even if he does not ultimately book their horses for the wedding day. This allows him to practice getting on and off the horse, gaining confidence for the big day.

Phone: 07811 543019

E-mail: info@ascotcarriages.co.uk

Address: Wick Ln, Englefield Green, Egham TW20 0UU, United Kingdom

Asian Wedding Horses London | Ascot Carriages

Considerations Choosing Asian Wedding Horses in London

When choosing an Asian wedding horse in London, consider:

  • Horse Breed and Colour: Popular choices include white horses for the peak wedding look, or black horses for a more regal feel.
  • Horse Availability: Book well in advance, especially during the peak wedding season.
  • Horse Temperament: Ensure the horse is used to crowds, loud music, and the lively atmosphere of an Asian wedding.
  • Decorations: Discuss options for traditional or modern decorations that complement your wedding theme.
  • Handler Experience: Choose a company with experienced handlers who understand the specific needs of Asian weddings.

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Adding an Asian wedding horse in London to your ceremony can elevate your celebration to a truly grand and memorable event. With proper planning and the right service provider, you can create a magical experience that honours tradition and leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking processes may vary depending on the provider, but generally, you can reach out to Asian wedding horse rental companies in London through their websites, social media channels, or contact information provided. It is advisable to book well in advance to secure your preferred date and horse.

While Asian wedding horses can add a beautiful cultural touch to your wedding, it is essential to respect and understand the traditions associated with their use. This includes being mindful of cultural symbolism, attire, and customs, and consulting with knowledgeable individuals or experts if necessary.

Most providers will have contingency plans in place for adverse weather. It is advisable to discuss this with your chosen provider beforehand to understand their policies regarding rescheduling or alternative arrangements in case of rain or other unfavourable weather.

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